That Force that Gets You Moving


There’s always this natural force that keeps each one of us moving. Yet they tend to vary in intensity, endurance and to a great extent, the core.

For some, they’re driven by the need to fulfil some duty or duties. For others, it’s the authoritative power of motivation that just pushes you ahead for miles and for as far as it takes to reach your aspired goals. For many others, it’s the power of routine and inhibiting life cycle that’s too large and complex for you to change or pause- which makes you so small and to a great extent aimless.

You can control the intensity, type and durability of that power moving you by selecting the source and paying a great attention to its soundness. Some rely on friends, others take books and knowledge as their reference and backbone. For others, it’s God, the primary source of power and prime motivator getting people move ahead with their plans, aims and aspirations. That third source of power doesn’t underestimate or overwrites the first two, but it rather covers them all, engages them all and makes up for the shortcoming of them all. It’s the power of faith-Faith in Almighty.. faith that you were brought to this life for a purpose.. Faith that there’s a reason behind all that’s happening and taking place; good or bad, small or big– there’s logic! It’s a standalone power that can fill all your need and places in you an endless flow of energy that gets you going, enthusiastically, faithfully and joyously, regardless of the obstacles that may come in your way, big or small. Just keep going, for indeed you will never stop the motion of life, you will just mute your role in it.

As Robert Frost once put it, summing up the essence of the force of life “it goes on”- yes life must go on, just learn how to live it well and enjoy it to the max.

Learning: An Endless Journey


What is learning but a leap into an abundant pool of unexplored realities?

You decipher one aspect and let go of a slight share of ignorance that you’ve always had.
You add to your mind a bit of knowledge and get out a similar bit of ignorance, and continue doing so until you know more exist, and not until you no more think that you’re in need of more.

For when it comes to learning, a process that never ends: “I got my share of knowledge” is an illusion that tends to stop you from tapping into that abundance of light and knowing.

You know more to only know that you need to know more, and so on and so forth.
You know and know, but never stop to need to know.
This is how it goes.

But one fact that resonates amongst the learners’ life is that the more you know the more you’re able to locate your presence in life, the more you know of it and the more you know of yourself.

Knowing yourself was never an easy task for the majority of us.
It’s a blessing that we’re given when we strive to know who we really are, and only achieve when we’re connected; to our highest self and to our Creator, our Lord.

So set off on an everlasting journey of learning and never let go of your right to “Know”.
Life is a lot more good when we “know it”


On the Value of Contemplation


Nothing helped me get closer to where I want to be, after Dua, than practicing contemplation and reflecting upon my inner thinking. You talk and talk and talk about your aspirations and share your dreams with others, but nothing sharpens your thought like talking them over with yourself and contemplating them, as well as your surroundings.

Contemplation in general has this virtue of establishing the connection between your conscious and sub-conscious self, your thinking and your feeling, between you and yourself.

So this is where you first need to be; just at the centre of yourself.

There you can move freely and navigate through your soul, whether you’re primarily a thinker or generally a feeler.

Then comes contemplation over your thoughts and wishes, which helps you understand them more and take them a step further from being far fetched, to being a possibility and then a reality God willing!

You don’t achieve what you want unless you know what it is and really want it! Only then you head in the proper direction.

Contemplation makes you feel in control over yourself and more familiar with life.

Without contemplation you feel tangled in a maze of thoughts. Do contemplate so that you move from the stage of wanting, thinking and needing to that of achieving!

Let me share with you this inspirational thought by Harlem Toomer.

“Talk about it only enough to do it. Dream about it only enough to feel it. Think about it only enough to understand it. Contemplate it only enough to be it”

Do contemplate for the sake of yourself!


On Finding a Purpose in Life


One question that overwhelms and persists in the mind of everyone of us is ‘what’s the purpose I have in life’, apart of the bigger question of what is all humans’ purpose of life.

Developing the need to know and recognising the necessity to find an answer for this question is in itself a sign of achieving a considerable extent of self awareness and developing a better understanding of life.

I’ve mentioned many times here on my journal and in other writings that our prime aim and mission on earth is upholding the legacy of vicegerency .. Yes we are God’s vicegerents on earth. But there’s  a deeper level of vicegerency, one that has to do with the passion and the prime potential you’ve got within, your divine tool to serve humanity and uphold your higher aim and mission on earth. This is the you, your core planted within yourself, partially to get a clue about where to head for and partially to uphold a job better done by you than others, and the result.. yes, a nation better served through that role you think to be too little to recognise or be recognised. Read the rest of this entry