Sadness is a Virtue


Sadness, like joy, is a kind of pain signaling that you’re alive.

Sadness means that you’re connected to yourself, to that point inside of you telling all about yourself.

Sadness means that you’re aware, alert, that you’re who you are, where you are.

Sadness means that you’re present, Now!

Sadness is energy to be transformed, used and managed.

But hold on.

Sadness is a virtue that shouldn’t be sought after.

It’s a kind of emotion that is to be accepted rather than ignored, denied or marginalized.

When you’re sad, don’t feel sorry for yourself. 


Start Now not Later


We all seek after change, but who embarks upon it?
– Quite a few!

People keep delaying and postponing positive moves, aspired changes and kick starting new projects and beginnings, looking for reasons, or to precise, a starting point to begin any of the like.

Such starting point may take the form of an event, a good reason, some sort of encouragement, or whatever. But in all cases such starting point is sort of a permission to jump off the cliff, depart one’s comfort zone. It’s sort of a condition or an excuse for delaying- a fake sign to wait or so to speak.

For those who are lucky, what they perceive as the right time, or the starting point, may come and they feel the courage to take a step towards change or whatever they aspire for. But for many, they may never fetch it, not because it never comes, but because they never themselves change enough to see through their own selves and incidents, trying to grasp the sign to Jump!

Wait not for any reason, encouragement, or that “Perfect moment” to implement that which you keep wishing to do. Do your thinking homework and wise calculations and embark on your journey towards achievement. Be the dream you have and the change you want to live… stop delaying it.

Beware, for clinging too much to your comfort zone makes personal development, at some point, an impossibility- something you may never want to happen.

We all aspire to change and love it, but who makes it to change?

Be your aspiration!


Heartily Congratulations to Malala Yousafszai


MalalaMalala Yousafszai, who stood up in defence of her peers’ right for education in Afghanistan and got, thus shot, by Taliban troops, has won 2014 Noble Prize for her great release “I am Malala”. A well earned prize.

Perhaps I didn’t yet read the book, but I surely read a lot about the little great girl of immense wisdom, courage and insight.

Indeed, insight is a talent and wisdom is a matter of perception and choice!

Happiness is: Seeing justice enacted.

May be it’s time for me to now read “I am Malala”

Congratulations Malala, this is a well- earned and well-deserved prize!!!


Let the Pain Live Short


Pain is and has always been part of the human soul. Sometimes it has the role of making one sense and taste particular emotions that mostly relate to pain.

But let not the heart get used to hurtful kind of pain and all that comes through it.
Don’t reside much in it and make it not reside in you.
For once the heart gets used to the taste of pain it grows attached to it and dwell in it for prolonged periods than it used to in the past.

Connect to pain as you wish.. if you need to, for joy is a kind of pain, an intense feeling triggered in the soul and heart.
Excitement is also a kind of pain, same way love, sorrow, worry, hope are!

So connect and live the movement in the heart but keep that which is good and drift away from that which “Hurt” for hurt is an abhorrent kind of pain, not the pleasant one you should maintain.

Pain is one thing and hurt is another!
Hurtful kind of pain is addictive but pleasant pain is bliss, it cleans the soul and empowers it.. it’s your call where to reside!