You’re Nobody’s Enemy.. Not Even Yourself

Pleasing the world is a mirage.. Similarly, living with animosity is a torture. But what can one do when the prevailing feeling in our modern life is enmity? Should one join the crowd or live in his own cocoon? Turn your back to enemies and those who envy you.. Those who have bigotry and feelings of animosity towards you, or even those who require you, according to the modern day, to be their enemy.

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Morning Promises!

Each day brings us chances, opportunities and offers us a genuine step forward.. a step that awaits our eagerness to move ahead and really achieve.

Unless one catches the beautiful morning vibes, he will continue regretting the elapsing time. The worst feeling in life, after sadness, is regret. Regret is a kind of pain that keeps you from connecting to yourself or others. It blocks your ability to read divine messages or understand, ad of course hinders your efforts to rise and achieve, and you end up standing just where you are, instead of moving forward and starting anew. Continue reading “Morning Promises!”


If You’re Self- Conscious, then You’re Not the Least Conscious about Yourself

Inside each one of us there’s a centre, like the mid point of a circle, forming its core and giving it shape. This centre, is your essence, your true self, and believe it or not it’s the version which, when you best embrace, you feel your best. Continue reading “If You’re Self- Conscious, then You’re Not the Least Conscious about Yourself”


Learning: An Endless Journey

female-865110_1920What is learning but a leap into an abundant pool of unexplored realities?

You decipher one aspect and let go of a slight share of ignorance that you’ve always had.

You add to your mind a bit of knowledge and get out a similar bit of ignorance, and continue doing so until you no more exist, and not until you no more think that you’re in need of more.

For when it comes to learning, a process that never ends: “I got my share of knowledge” is an illusion that tends to stop you from tapping into that abundance of light, wisdom and perception.

You know more to only know that you need to know more, and so on and so forth.
You know and know, but never stop to need to know.
This is how it goes.

But one fact that resonates amongst the learners’ life is that the more you know the more you’re able to locate your presence in life, the more you know of it and the more you know of yourself.

Knowing yourself was never an easy task for the majority of us.
It’s a blessing that we’re given when we strive to know who we really are, and only achieve when we’re connected; to our highest self and to our Creator, our Lord.

So set off on an everlasting journey of learning and never let go of your right to “Know”.
Life is a lot more good when we “know it”