Gaza’s screaming, anybody hearing?!

Continuous Israeli incursions and bombardment of residential areas in Gaza over the past weeks brought death to over 120 Palestinians and gravely injured hundreds more as the world stood passively watching, some justifying Israel’s barbarism as lawful and meaningful, since the Zionist state needs to protect its people, or rather soldiers against the Palestinians’ homemade rockets coming from Gaza, while others viewed the recent escalations as mere repetition to similar violations by the Israelis that the Palestinians have proved they can cope with- for the Palestinian state hasn’t perished yet, so nothing to worry about- Of course I’m being bitterly sarcastic.

But hey, some Arab governments were generous enough to condemn the Israeli actions as “unjustified”.

But of all passive and meaningless statements issued in the wake of the latest Israeli crimes in Gaza, which, as far as I know, had no trigger what so ever, was the pointless statement of the United Nations. Addressing the Security Council earlier this week, the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon expressed his discontent over what he described as Israel’s “disproportionate and excessive use of force against civilians.”

The magnitude of offence and violation of human rights by the Israeli state should trigger a sound alarm to all Arab and Muslim countries that the future of the entire Middle East region is at stake. And this is the exact message Israel’s recent violence campaign indent to deliver.

As stated by Amnesty International, Cafod, Save the Children, and Care International and Christian Aid, the humanitarian conditions at the occupied lands are at an all time low since the Jewish State laid hands on the lands over fifty years ago.

The international humanitarian bodies issued yesterday a disturbing report stating that over 75,000 Gazans, of the 110,000 supposedly employed in the private sector, have now lost their jobs.

But it seems, according to what the Israelis believe, that the humanitarian organisations, were far from being just. The report issued about the worsening humanization situation in the suffering lands of Gaza was staunchly rejected by the Foreign Ministry who believes that the Jewish state shouldn’t by any means be blamed for what has become of the Palestinian nation.

An official ministry statement boldly refuted the findings of the report, claiming that those “organizations fail to face the reality and sequence of events leading to the deteriorating situation in the southern regions of Israel, as well as in the Gaza Strip.”

It actually dared to blame the Palestinians for their dim fate, arguing that if they “chose to cease their pointless and indiscriminate firing of rockets and missiles against hundreds of thousands of Israeli civilians, the entire region would return to a normal routine in which Palestinians and Israelis could once again enjoy their daily lives.”

Well, nothing new, same old Israeli crap.

I wonder what could be the reason behind the International Community’s unjustifiable silence?!! Would that be the reaction of the world governments had the nation being bombarded been UK, France, or any U.S. buddy?

And we still brag about peace? What peace?!! Is it the kind of peace that doesn’t recognise the original inhabitants of an occupied land as human beings, while giving the occupying power unlimited freedom to annihilate innocent civilians, including women and children, in that land it occupies, in the name of protecting the people of the occupying state… Does this make any sense to anybody????

Then comes Mr Bush with his silliest statement ever at an incredible wrong timing, expressing baseless optimism about the future of the so-called peace process in the Middle East.

Avoiding to admit, and actually explicitly rejecting, that Israel has committed war crimes in Gaza in its recent campaign, Bush boasted that he’s optimistic about the region’s prospects for peace, arguing that a possible peace pact is still possible before the end of his term. He actually sent his secretary of state who is not less hopeful than him, and mistakenly believes she can convince the Palestinians and the Israelis to return to “negotiations table”. They’re both living a big fat lie.

There’s no such thing as peace process in the Middle East.

If what happened to Palestinians over the course of the Israeli occupation and still happens never alarmed the Arab and West leaders, then what will???

An immediate action is crucially needed to put an end to the ongoing madness in Palestine, to prevent the Israeli-Palestinian crisis from aggravating, blowing up the safety of the entire region.

Genuine intention and real steps towards peace are needed before it’s too late.

Maha Youssuf.


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