Between Me & Myself

The overwhelming understanding of human nature and flaws that I’m currently experiencing has left me no choice but to stop and ponder accurately,

Should I…


Walk away

Or stick around?

Let go


Or reevaluate

Attempt to heed the lesson


Or go back to how it all started off

Was it the first self-help book by Fiona Harold that put me in this miserable confrontation with what others continuously attempt but always fail to hide?


Think again

And keep thinking…

But don’t be overly expecting

Give up hope?

Rely on my humble perception of life?

Or let go of my previous anxiety?

When my unlimited love and trust in people

Left me heartbroken …

And not just heart broken but also with a tormenting regret for letting my heart rule over my intelligence…

A feeling I tried hard to leave behind with all those unpleasant experiences …

But why doesn’t it show on me?

They say I still look like I’ve just descended on planet earth

Is this how I see myself?

May be I just insist on staying pure

Than wandering in search for a cure

But what about the luggage of memories I carry with me…

They’re becoming too heavy yet I can’t forsake them, 

For they… Indeed… carry a part of me.

Maha Youssuf


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