My Take on Groundless Accusations against the Egyptian Government in the wake of the Israeli atrocities in Gaza …

            As Gaza mayhem goes into its Sixth Day, sending over 400 innocent civilians to death and brutally injuring over 2000 more, I thought I should bring into one inclusive article a set of posts of mine in defense of the Egyptian government against groundless accusations launched, by some analysts, officials and governments, against it claiming that it has “allied” with the Zionist enemy against the Palestinians. It was a set of posts in commenting on a fierce attack launched by some of Facebook Friends wherein I intended to clear some serious misconception and misleading theory endorsed by many.

Since the first day of the Israeli bombardment in Gaza, mainstream media was quick to point the finger of suspicion at the Egyptian government, basing its reasoning on the fact that Israel’s Livni was, to our bad luck, in Cairo shortly before the Zionists launched their attacks. Even many trusted political analysts and credible political figures like Hezbollah’s leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah failed to prove  immune against the trap planned by the Israeli intelligence to get the Arabs busy trading all sorts of defaming claims and baseless accusations of treason against one another, thus influencing Arab and ME nations wide morale and dispersing the already fragile unity they have, at a particular time where they least need that to take place. And they seem to have perfected their plan and reaped already reaped its intended results probably faster and easier that they initially expected.

Despite the fact that few millions worth of New Year Eve’s celebrations across the country were called off in solidarity with the prevailing sadness and atrocities in Gaza, treason accusations against the Egyptian government went on…

We should be aware of one crucial fact that the Israeli Intelligence, Mosaad, is benefiting from and has been nurturing ongoing rumors and faulty conspiracy theory claiming that Israel got the mass support of the Arab leaders who gave it the green light to carry out its barbarous strikes that broke out in Gaza.

Israel is the main and the foremost benefactor from shaking the confidence in our governments, and the outbreak of the recent onslaught in Gaza came as a good reminder of how cowardly they fought two years ago in occupied Palestine and Lebanon and imposed economic blockage on many occasions, particularly following Hamas’ sweeping victory in 2006 elections, inflicting unmeasured damages and difficulties to the Gazans.

The assumption that Livni got the approval of the Egyptian government during its visit to Cairo, simply because the visit took place shortly before the Israelis kick off their treacherous incursions into Gaza is baseless. Coming to Cairo aiming for that doesn’t mean or prove that she managed to get the consent of the Egyptian government.

In 1981 and during the rule of President Sadat, Menahem Begin, the Israeli Prime Minister back then, was in Egypt meeting with our leader a few days before Israel bombed the Iraqi nuclear reactor, this never meant that President Sadat discussed with the Israel official the strike that was planned at the time… This never meant that President Sadat knew of the Israeli plans and approved it…

Another point raised was that of Rafah Crossing.

We should differentiate between the bloody massacres that have been taking place in Gaza since over fifty years ago and stepped up recently on one hand and the issue of Rafah Crossing and the economic challenges facing Egypt in this regards on the other.

Let’s not forget that the Palestinian conflict has and shall always remain a “Political Case”, a “Political Conflict” that needs one united front of Arab supporters to face the Zionist enemy that is Israel.

Please do not be misled by what the mainstream media tend to promote aiming to disperse the Arab unity. Our Arab leaders didn’t and havenever reacted positively to the conflict, that’s a fact nobody can dispute, but suggesting that they are all traitors and allies to the Zionist State, conspiring against the Palestinian nation is a big mistake the least to say…

Go and check the running headlines on mainstream media, you’ll find them mostly condemning the “treason” of the Egyptian government instead of the Israeli massacres, as if we turned to be the Palestinians enemy not rescuer.

As for whether Israel needs to get an approval or not, it’s a mere image thing, that is to say, Livni was here particularly to send the signal that the Egyptians gave their consent and approval for the Zionists massacres against Palestinians. Israel never needed the approval of any country but had always claimed it got all countries’, especially Arabs’ approvals to shake their unity and defame their governments in the eyes of their nations, the same old “Divide to Conquer” rule.

And mind you; there’s a huge difference between silence of the Arab governments and the claim of giving the green light to carry out brutal massacres against the Palestinians. The first may be classified as cowardice and weakness, the second is treason.

The stance of the entire Arab governments, Egypt included, from the long-standing Palestinian conflict had always been that of cowardice and their interference had always been minimal and ineffective, but to accuse the Egyptian government of allying with the Israelis and approving their massacres is ingratitude. We’re treating their injured and had always been their main aid whenever the Zionists decide to renew their incursions.

During Hamas’ rule after 2006 elections and in the aid and economic sanctions imposed by the Israelis, Haneya, the PM at the time, came to Egypt and left the country carrying a good sum of money reflecting the aid and the support of the Egyptian government.

It’s time to get our facts checked and stop falling in the trap of the enemy, so dam easily.
Conspiracy theories are sometimes attractive but they’re as misleading as fortune tellers.

Maha Youssuf


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