Egyptian Royal Family

This is a group of black and white photos depicting Egypt’s Royal Family and descendants of Mohamed Ali that ruled the country from the 19th to the mid-20th Century, precisely 1952, when King Farouk I, the last Egyptian monarch, was overthrown by the Egyptian army.

The reason I’m including those photos is not the King Farouk mania currently spreading in Egypt, it’s just that I believe that each and every king or president who ruled my beloved country has influenced it in some positive way and left a good impact or at least helped the nation take a step forward in its struggle for liberation and independence.

We should pay a tribute to the Royal Egyptian Family as well as our late President Jamal Abdul Naser. We owe the Revolution of July 23rd a lot, even though, with all due respect to those who support it wholeheartedly, I hold some of its guardians responsible for many violations of human rights that took place in Egypt.

Note: All photos are gathered from Flickr

Maha Youssuf

Mohamed Ali Pasha

TM King Farouk and Queen Farida celebrating the King’s 23rd birthday in Abdine Saray on Feb. 11th 1943

Said Pasha

Royal Egyptian Princesses Princesses Fawzia,Faiza ,Faika and baby Fatahia

Queen Nazli, King Farouk, Sultana Malk , the widow of Sultan Hussein Kamal , the uncle of king Farouk

Queen Nazli attending the wedding of HRH Princess Faiza to Bulent Mohamed Ali Raouf1

Queen Nazly

HM Queen Farida

Queen Farida and Daughters

Princess Fawzia, Queen Farida and Princess Faiza in the Royal Opera House in 1939

Princess Fawzia and Queen Nariman

Princess Farial

Prince Mohamed Tewfik Pasha circa 1868

King Fouad I

King Fouad I’s daughters 1920s

King Fouad I


King Farouk of Egypt announced that he would never permit a Zionist state to be established on his nation’s borders

King Farouk Laying the foundation for the rennovation of Aljazeera Mosque in Zamalek, Dec 13th 1945


King Farouk I, Prince Mohamed Ali Tawfiq and Prince AbulMoneim attending a banquet in el Kobbeh Palacce circa 1940

King Farouk and his son FouadII

King Farouk ,Queen Farida and King Faisal of Iraq

King Farouk & Queen Fareda

Khedive Abbas Hilmi II of Egypt

Amin Chamsi Pasha’s granddaughter Siadat Raafat (L) with Princess Fawzia of Egypt ex-Empress of Persia (1940s)

khedive Abbas Halmi II

Ismail Pasha

In 1945, H.M. King Farouk I visited the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and met with King Abdel Aziz Al Saud in Jeddah

Ibrahim Pasha

HH Khedive Tewfik of Egypt

HM Queen Farida and HRH Princess Faiza of Egypt Riding in The Deserts of Egypt

HM Queen Farida

Her Majesty Queen FaridaI think this photo was taken during her wedding


H.M. Queen Farida visiting an orphanage, as members of the Mohamed-Aly foundation, the queen

Abbas Helmi II Pasha seventh
Abbas Helmi II Pasha
Abbas Helmy II Pasha

Abbas I Pasha

H.M. Fouad I, King of Egypt, circa 1935
H.M. Fouad I, King of Egypt, circa 1935

King Farouk I
King Farouk I

King Farouk I, Queen Farida and Princess Ferial
King Farouk I, Queen Farida and Princess Ferial

Bob Martin & KingFarouk

Crwon Princes Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and Mohamed Ali Tawfik

Hussein Kamal Pasha

The Ex-Wife of King Ahmed Fouad II and his son prince Mohamed Ali


48 thoughts on “Egyptian Royal Family

    1. I remember my uncles telling me they are related to the family and I’m Albanian my family in Albanian said they even went to special schools in Egypt and would stay with they’re Egyptian royal cousins….also my family is related to the zog monarchy of Albania….my family is keqi from lezhe Albania Sadri keqi was the relative I speak of and his bloodline is what I represent but my family has been in America for over 40 years we’d like to know everyone is okay

  1. Thanks for the photos . It would be wonderful to have up to date photos of King Ahmad Fouad and his children.

    1. Just look in Facebook under Dominique Loeb. You will find the photos of the children of Ahmed Fouad and Fadila.
      Best Regards

  2. Thanks for the photos. They are so great, and wow! There was a princess called Faiza!!! Lolzz
    Urm have u got more photos? Plz send them to my email address, love to see them. Tah!!

    1. Hi.
      That is so true!!
      And if you noticed they all start with ‘F’!
      May god bless the royal family, would’ve been great if they were still here the generation of the royal family.
      Thanx for the photos and like faiza plz send me some too!!

      1. Hi.
        That is so true, yep I noticed it too the ‘f’
        Anyway soo cool to have the royal family in Egypt.
        And so horrible to have it among us today, anyway god bless all the members in the royal family…
        Oh and plzzzz send me more photos I am in love with history!!!
        Specially that includes so many photos!!!

    2. Hi.
      Thanx for the photos
      Lol I noticed that too! F’s
      Anyway it’s soo cool to have a eygptian royal fmaily, and so horrible not to have it here… Oh and may god bless these people in royal family…

  3. I have been born in Egypt and I do remember the good years we lived, in a multicultural society everybody as brothers and sisters.
    God bless the prince FouadII
    George K.

  4. I am still waiting for news about prince FouadII, who I love him and pray for him every day.
    Salam to all the Egyptians and especially to members of the royal family. Salam and God be with all.
    George the Egyptian.

  5. Hi and thanks for your information. It confirms my investigation. I’m working on a TV documentary on fake and real royals for next year. This woman Liala Farouk Fuad keeps saying she is Australian born princess, the daughter of the King Farouk Fuad (it’s spelled different ways Fuad) You spell it Fouad. Also, the prince you mention above is that the same heir to the throne Son of Fuad II , called Prince of Said? I heard he was living in Switzerland. Someone needs to find a way to get to the royal family and tell them about Princess Liala of Egypt using their name and do their own investigation. Her real name is P. Lial McInnis is living in Victoria, Australia saying she’s the Daughter of the King of Egypt in Exile. She was born in 1957. Says he met her mother in Italy and they moved to Australia. Did King Farouk ever go to Australia. A lot of royals join her Order thinking she is really the King of Egypt’s daughter. How come there are no pictures of her. She had me setup a web site on ning for her. Maybe you can join it and ask her questions. She may have you banned but a real royal wouldn’t mind giving the truth. What’s there to hide? Her documents don’t look like years old. Where’s the birth certificate? She said the Pope hid it in Italy. Most blogs say she’s not really the daughter. Now she’s using Empress of Constantinople plus she’s putting up a new site soon saying she’s the Queen of Urraca. Only the Farouk family can stop this nonsense. Someone needs to come forward and say if she’s really the daughter of the King or not? From my investigation she doesn’t exist anywhere in history.

  6. Correction: Her real name is P. Liala McInnis or McInnes..

    Here’s the ning site:

    She’ll have one soon that someone else is setting up for her showing Queen Urraca that she will get crowned in Spain next year using a throne room that’s rented most likely. See what I’m getting at. Can you help show proof she is the Princess Liala of Egypt in exile, daughter of the King of Egypt, King Fuad or Farouk Fuad from your research?

    I’m doing this for documentary TV project. I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt but someone much know. If no where in history or it’s so hidden, why the secret?


    1. Thanks Marlene for sharing a good deal of knowledge on my humble blog.

      Please do that more often…

      As for information about the Royal Family.. I guess they had their share of media tracking and they deserve some privacy, I don’t mind offering my platform to any of the remnants of the Royal family if any would like to share memories whatsoever, but uncovering personal information against their will would never be my intention.. and that out of respect for their right to privacy…
      I’m not hinting that this is what you’re doing, but just thought a clarification is due here…

      Keep me posted on the development of your valuable documentary dear …

      And please do more stop overs here.

      Thanks again.
      Greetings from Egypt.. :)

      1. Maha,

        The main reason why I joined this blog a year ago was because I was investigating information on a person that stated they were from the Egyptian Royal Family in Egypt. Since then I have found my answer that the person out of Australia was not a true royal. I do have friends that are real royals in other social networks that I belong to. I was going to do a documentary on this particular royal but in my investigation it turned out her and her husband were using fake titles. Right now I’m in the master’s program which is keeping me busy and I’m on to another film project about the Swiss Guard that takes place in Italy/France. Plus several other films. My school is taking much of my time and the films I’m doing on the side. I graduate in 2012 with my masters. So someone that commented on here I’m a gold digger, I was an investigator for the documentary. I want going to do one on these royals but I’m not wasting my time doing a documentary on fake royals. Turns out Liala Farouk was not real and neither was her husband. They were using royal names to get funds into their charity. It’s been a year since I’ve even communicated with those people. I have better things to do than to hang around a bunch of fake royals. I respect and I’m friends to other real royals. There are poor royals too. Not all royals have money. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    2. I’m leaving a reply on my own comment. I have setup the site: not for Princess Liala who there is really no such Princess showing she exists only someone claiming to be her. She is no where on King Farouk’s family photos. However, I had already had that site setup showing her photos and took them off. Instead I’m using it for my documentary from 1200 to 2010 Imperial Royals and welcoming real royals to join. I’ve decided to do my documentary on royals that help mankind throughout ancient history and the present.

  7. Dear Marlene, Was that you who sent me asking for an English copy for the latest book about Queen Nazli? Because a lady sent me asking for such book and I actually bought it but for some reason I lost the mail and so the address and couldn’t Fedex it.. :) I’m really keen to send this book to whoever asked for it!
    Cheers :)

    1. If you still have the book and the other person hasn’t responded. I can’t remember if I asked for it or not. But my address is 21940 Snowview Drive, Palm Springs, CA 92262-1069.

      Regarding impostures portraying to be part of the King Farouk’s family, I’ve decided to not waste time on them anymore. I’ve decided to make my documentary on royals from 1200 to 2010 that have mankind. There are people with titles out there but the main thing is that people do good things for mankind and not steal from the disadvantaged. Some brag they help the poor when they actually have taken from them. King Farouk I heard was a very generous man. I know he was extravagant but I’m sure he was generous too. There were a lot of people that adored him.

    2. Dear Maha,

      Can you do me a favor and remove my comments about Princess Liala of Egypt and her husband. They’re threatening me to take down talking about them. I took them off my blogs and I told their lawyer I’d ask you to take it down. Even though we both know it’s not libel if it’s true. Don’t worry the real royals will have a field day because I know a friend that works for security forces and they’re getting the word out to the real royals in M.E. etc. and I’ll just let the real royals handle the fakes, because I’m sure they will not stand for it. Let the real royals go after the fake royals because eventually they will including the FBI.

      I appreciate your help.


    3. I a VERY interested in the book of queen nazli english version. would it happen to be by the author rawia rashed ?

      if you no longer have it could you tell me where and how you foun it. the name of the book

      christian sacher


  8. does anyone know about land that was owned by the royal family and then taken over by the government for 100 years then a claim to the land after this time from relatives. Apparently there had been court proceedings for claiming the land around 2003

      1. do you know if any successful claim was made in court and family name (s) involved in claim

      2. do you know details of the hearing, date, court number?. mainly i am trying to find if a successful claim was made by the family name Metawa or Elghamry. They were related to the Princess.

  9. Excellent and impressive study

    Khalil El-Khadem
    Originally a Turkish memlouk decedent of a ruling family of Egypt which the famous one of them was : Soliman PACHA El-Khadem who was appointed as Wali of Egypt for aprox 30 years among other members of the family with different dates and duration

  10. I’ve set up a company site Gilt Entertainment that connects royalty and entertainment to join as well. I’ve cancelled the site above. Here’s the new one:
    It’s for anyone in entertainment, friends that want to join, royals if they want to connect, investors, models, actors,performers, musicians, writers, charities, etc. Anyone can join us. We give updates on our films on there.

    I haven’t been here in a while. I’ve turned the page on talking about fake royals. I don’t have time. It’s a wast of my time, because sooner or later people will find out for themselves. It’s sites like this that did help me and I thank you.

  11. This Marlene dosent seem v genuine. I think she is a treasure hunter.
    Please be aware of ppl like this. they hunt for information and build their knowledge based on peaces and grab the opportunity for the royal friendship.

  12. I was here for the sole purpose to investigate a fake royal. I have friends that are real royals. It’s been a year and the other person turned out to be a fake royal and I was putting up a lot of money in investigating for my documentary. I’m certainly not wasting my time and money doing a documentary on a fake royal. I’m in the master’s program and onto another film project. I have very good friends. In my investigation here finding fake royals was worth the investigation. When they’re found out people don’t put money in their fake charities.

  13. Very nice pictures. Flickr, Egypte d’Antan, and King Fouad II on facebook have very nice pictures. Also youtube has excellent videos under Farouk and Princess Fawzia of Egypt. Unfortunately they were denied and forgotten for so many years and it is about time we show them the respect due to them.

  14. This is khalil A. El-Khadem , Turkish memlouks decendent who has been named Soliman PACHA Elkhadem Wali of Egypt and died in the Mohamed Ali masacr at the citadel of Cairo

  15. These photos are reminders of great times in Egypt’s history. Hopefully, a new Mohamed Ali will emerge to repeat the outstanding achievements of the original Ali.

  16. i am looking the address for LAFAZ or stand for London Aslamic For Authority Zakat..please send to my

  17. I fear the good times will not return as many hundreds of years will be needed to clean and clear the polluted mentality of the people . There are some things which only centuries can remove from mass consciousness and memory.

  18. Marlene is a person who know nothing about royal famiies and fake titles, Princess Liala do not have prove to marlene anything in fact marlene to funds out of Princess Liala trust fund, and in
    a week the fruad police caught up with her. The funds was return by the bank asap.she took $2000 dollars of Princess Liala bank, the funds was given to the underpriivage famlies in Werribee Vic Australia,and also given large amount goods to the Lara Police in vic, and overseas.When you took out the funds you spend wine clothes now tell who is fake. Tasheba

    1. Okay, this is Christmas time and not a time to be lashing out at people. This is over 6 years ago and Marlene has since forgiven Liala (who is not her real name). Marlene put out over $25,000.00 in promotion expense over a 2-year period promoting her causes and was never paid. Most of it was done without money to help her events until she realized through research from legal, etc. Princess Liala doesn’t really exist which was devastating to her. However, she has forgiven her and moved on. Police story is fictional!!! First of all, in 2010-11 the Ning site promoting Princess Liala was taken down by Marlene. On that site and many other promoting websites she set up to help Princess Liala with her so-called charities and promoting her so-called royal family. It’s a club where they all get dressed up as royals and have special events but they are not royals. However, I have a friend that did attend just to see what goes on at these events (because I met a distant princess from Yugoslavian decent and we spoken at length and she told me who where real royals and who were not real royals in those social networks. We have over 5000 people from that social network that are witness to this. Marlene has written off the marketing expense as a loss and she had loved so-called Liala as a dear friend and forgave her. If they want to get dressed up and have a royal club that’s their business but she is in no way a real princess. She is not the descendant of the real Farouk family. We will not continue to have hate and lash out. The truth is the truth period. She doesn’t care. Marlene has donated to various charities. Peace on earth and good will to men.

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