Slow Me down !

Somebody slows me down and shield me from this madness incubating me under the guise of getting achieved  …

Decelerate life before it drowns me…

Help me disconnect and reminisce on times, age, and that phase in my life, when “matters” didn’t matter that much. Times when the fight wasn’t the inevitable way to continue living and wars, among individuals not just nations, were waged only when all diplomacy failed. When goals, though seemed thorny, were foreseeable.

Times when people were good believers, in their powers which kept them resolute and steady without having to dupe around, and in God, which kept them assured they cannot get what is not predestined for them.

Times when people’s vision penetrated beyond their footsteps, pierced into their toughest obstacles and unveiled the correct path for them, the path intended for them and leading to where they should be heading for.  When happiness had different standards and time meant differently. When productivity was measured and valued differently. When people, and not “matters” mattered more.

When goals where righteously pursued and met by the faithful and not the greedies…

When confidence ruled over fear.

When happiness came from where people least expected it, just because they were pure enough to receive it and embrace it…

When clear vision saw people through what’s beyond their capabilities, when they not the least forced themselves into acting in some way or another.

I’m not going to even get into the subject of how the pace of life got so drastically and ridiculously sped up sending many to insanity and others to depression.  Even those who mistakenly believe they’ve managed to keep up to the speed of their lives are,  mind you, are in denial and consciously illusioned, to a oethatic extent of actually assuming they are excelling life and being dam productive…

I just intend to communicate how my inside has come to perceive our modern tendency of working ourselves like slaves to feel more existing- the tendency of torturing ourselves to actually sustain what we believe could be a happy and successfull life. Have we lost focus to that miserable extent?

Clinging to the superficial side of life has sent people fighting over what they see as “limited chances for happiness”, leaving them a good bait to materialistic-ruled media and business echelons to dictate them how they should be living…

As if chances of happiness are limited and you should fight hard to hold on to what your hand gets a grip over, even if you have to forsake whatever wealth of ethics, knowledge, or friends –  even if you have to forsake your life itself, and here I’m hinting to desperate sections of the society where availing life’s basic commodities is not generally guaranteed.

But generally speaking, I’m not pointing at a particular segment of culture, social level, or age range. This attitude has become, to our bad destiny, the prevailing trends of modernity, where “more nonsensical matters have come to make more sense”.

And you call this motivation!!!

May be now we know more of life, but amazingly enough, tend to be more detached from it.

Embracing life was enact when people were more in touch with their true being than in tune with their wants and needs…

Allow me support this post, which put me in unprecedented confrontation with how my inside being wants to live, with illuminating excerpts from “Capitalism as if the World Matters”, by Jonathan Porritt, in which he brought up the subject of what true happiness should be valued, pinpointing the source of disturbances in our lives…

“The social basis of discontent in modern society is not so much lack of income; it is loneliness, boredom, depression, alienation, self-doubt and the ill health that goes with them. Social exclusion is not so much exclusion from the structures of production and consumption; it is exclusion from social relationships and modes of self-understanding that confer acknowledgement, self-worth and meaning. Most of the problems of modern society are not the result of inadequate incomes; they are the result of social structures, ideologies and cultural forms that prevent people from realizing their potential and leading satisfying lives in their communities.”

Right said Jonathan.

But how and when this can be solved, I know not.

All I know is that Allah doesn’t need our money, possessions, or even unparalleled successes, even if we have to have all that. Allah, besides wanting us heed the lesson why we were brought to this life, likes seeing us happy and satisfied, it’s the “Reda” (satisfaction) that ends this quandary.

As  I always reiterate, Du’a is the solution to any difficulty and Allah is the answer to any call.

To conclude, We need to work on our mindset.

May you all live a happy life in the true meaning of the word.

Maha Youssuf


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