The Power of Knowing

“You have to start knowing yourself so well that you begin to know other people. A piece of us is in every person we can ever meet.”
– John D. MacDonald

Right said Sir… Unlocking the keys of one’s persona, polarities, and complexities will guide you to comprehend the most convoluted lessons, facts, and what seem to be obscurities of life. And it helps you as well see through people and get to know them more sufficiently.

“Knowing”… It might seem like a very general word to the extent some of you may read a slight of confusion through the headline of my post. Well… It is general, general enough to stand as the core of any enlightenment, achievement, resolution, or end of any nuisance… Those who happen to appear in our lives taking the form of whatever you want to name it, friends, acquaintances, peers, clients, or even enemies and people we struggle as a result of their presence in our lives are actually carrying a message providing a glimpse of our share of knowing in this world, yes they are teachers in disguise.

Take a moment to scan through the most significant phases or situations in your live: moments of extreme melancholy or the opposite, moments of truth with thyself… emotional ebbs and flows. You’ll be amazed at how, compared to your sense of obscurity back then, you now feel things were very clear and made a lot of sense, it’s the quality of knowing through this situation on a deferred stage that put such analysis so appealing, austere, and shrewd now.

The situations you’re revisiting now haven’t changed, even people involved are the same, it’s your level of knowing that has changed, and I wish not to use the word knowledge here so that not get wrongly misinterpreted and mixed with the popular meaning of knowledge, commonly used to relate to having a wealth of information stored in your mind.

Knowing provides the reason for each and every step in your journey in life, you need a reason to act and you need a reason to direct your feelings and set a stance from all matters in life. That being said, you should now have no excuses for relapses over bad experiences and memories.

Just “know” that such situations were meant to take place that particular way for you to heed the message sent to you by the Divine. They’re sent to you to actually “know”, know more about life, about yourself, others, and above anything else, know more about Destiny.

You need to know to love- same way you need to know to hate. You need to know to set limits for your tolerance. Knowing yourself is the only way to know about other matters in life, it’s the gateway to know the true essence of life and the role you’re meant to claim and perfect to help others.

Another level of knowing is related to knowing more about matters and things to actually value them. You don’t value things you don’t know about. You won’t value your new car unless you know the variety of its functionalities, same way you wouldn’t value your new cell phone if you don’t know how to use its applications and work them to their best.

And you won’t value your surroundings: plants, mountains, skies and other nature’s wealth, unless you have at least the basic info about those. You wouldn’t even decide on which religion you should embrace unless you learn and “know” about the religion you want to follow.

And here I’m referring to mere knowledge in the exact meaning of the word, where the quality of knowing manifests at its best.

Also knowing about human nature helps you sort out many of the daily life confusions and dilemmas. You understand your flows and drawbacks same way you’ll know your true potential.

Knowing and learning about human nature soothes your worries, for you “know” that you’re not a unique case, and that whatever difficulty you may be facing in dealing with your mood plights and all uncertainties that haunt you every now and then are the same ones out battling everybody on planet earth, so you’re not alone.

Knowing also saves you a good deal of troubles and helps you get out of difficulties and many obstacles you’d come across because you “don’t know”. For instance, knowing the culture of the country you’re living in, whether your homeland or some foreign state you happen to be living in saves you the troubles you’d face if you violated the norms and traditions belonging to this country without knowing you’re doing so.

Likewise, knowing the laws enact and updated currently in the city you live in would definitely save you the trouble of becoming a criminal… again, without knowing so.

I shall end my post with another and may be the Chief level of knowing that reveals the magnificence of this POWER… It’s knowing The Creator.

Knowing The Creator of this massive Universe… Knowing Allah is the only way to feel connected to the Divine, to love Him, and feel safe and protected.

Knowing your Creator helps you know yourself, work on your drawbacks, using a hypothetical comparison to His supreme qualities and adjust to them. Knowing Allah, helps you minimize your faults and control your sense of guilt and not let it torment you, “knowing that he is “Al Rahman, the Merciful”.

It sets you free.

Knowing Allah and knowing each and every quality of His shall also help you stay confident and assured that with such qualities being enact, you are shielded against anything and anybody in the world, including yourself, for sometimes, you are your staunchest enemy.

In a word; knowing saves your life and adds to its splendor…

Now knowing the reimbursement of “knowing, I appeal to you to equip yourself with this POWER …

Maha Youssuf

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