PhotoWalking… Letting Pictures Speak!


Ahmed Ibn Toloun Mosque- Old Cairo
Ahmed Ibn Toloun Mosque- Old Cairo

My passion for writing coupled with the craze I’ve developed about traveling and outdoor sports, particularly mountaineering and desert safaris, led by instinct to trying a different type of essaying my thinking, and communicating my personal reflections and view of things in other ways different than words… through picturing… 

And despite my humble and far from advanced photography skills I followed this instinct and soon-to-be new passion… PhotoWalking…

Some mistakenly associate photowalking with Documentary Photography, that type of professional photography that entails documenting or reporting events, places, or whatever using premium photography skills as part of conventional journalism.

The truth is Photowalking entails wandering with your camera in a place of your choice, at a time you feel apt to connecting to that place in particular, and above all, have a yearning to communicate your inner self through photos, rather than words and letters.

PhotoWalking can be organized among a group of friends, photo-lovers, or only you… Depending largely on your willingness.

Simply put, photowalking calls on your share of exploration talents, and directs your eyes to where your soul connects with the spirit of the place, that’s where the spirit of the place manifests to your sense most  vividly so to speak… And this may varies from one person to another, that’s why you may find while photowalking with a group of your friends that their senses and instinct directs them to objects, spots and angles, that overly differ than those that called your eyes for picturing…

This is because the type of interaction with the spirit of the place you undergo is unique and cannot be faked, copied or followed by others. Each person’s interaction with a place stands alone as representing his own self, his life experience, his persona, and above all how he sees and feels that place. It has also got a lot to do the chemistry of the place, what this place evokes in you.

  • The Power of Visuals

The age of the ever changing media and communication has bee moving aggressively towards using visuals more to as a an efficient means ensuring fast delivering of the message…

Let me quote —Paul Martin Lester, Professor at the Department of Communications, Cal State Univ, Fullerton, California, supporting this theory…

Lester says “Something is happening. We are becoming a visually mediated society. For many, understanding of the world is being accomplished, not through words, but by reading images.”

Indeed pictures, or visual arts have proved more efficient in delivering and communicated messages, faster and more sufficiently than what words could speak.

People tend to remember what they see more than what they read, they tend to memories visuals more than editorials…

Many researches have proved that human’s long-term memory is more apt to store objects and designs than words and letters… That’s to say our long-term memories memories objects and concepts than abstract letters that need to establish the links between them and thus between words to grasp the meaning intended…

Researches have, in numbers, shown that what we see, as in objects, are more memorable than what we read…

According to recent studies, we remember 10% of what we hear and 20% of what we read, but about 80 percent of what we see and do. Also educational researchers have found that 83% of human learning occurs visually, according to one article published by HP, the mega, well reputed tech company…

Maha Youssuf


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