Twittering or Facebooking ?!

Should one go for a structured personalized, and editable webpage that stretches his voice to reach out to friends in farther destinations, following up on whichever merry times or nightmares they might be living or rather stick to a limited number of characters post to communicate a short and simple message that captures the attention of only those interested in the field his message tackles? The comparison as you may have reckoned is between FaceBook, ranked the 4th by Alexa, and that in terms of web traffic, and Twitter, ranked the 27th. 

It goes without saying that online social networking has successfully turned Internet audience to potential contributors to websites of whichever industries.But I wish not to broaden the scope here to commenting generally on the rising and varying trends of social networking, I intend a bit more focus on Twitter and FaceBook, two of the famous social networking icons, and two of the most trafficked of all.

More soon…

Maha Youssuf


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