Fight Off Winter Blues; Make It a Season to Remember

Winter; a season commonly perceived as time for winding down and pondering over what has took place during the course of the very busy season preceding it, that is active Summer and to a relative extent; Autumn. Such shift from active time of the year to a gray-colored one might leave you with some irritabilities and unexplained mood blues.

Like mood swings are mostly related to certain hormonal imbalances, season blues are generally believed to be caused by the prevailing and evident weather changes that cause imbalances which, in most cases, are similar to mood swings’ symptoms.

When you don’t work your body in frequent activities your mind usually takes the lead in pouring some thinking homeworks on you, which may lead you to over analyzing situations and pondering over matters that shouldn’t really consume much of your thinking. Such process, according to you inner mind, sort of justifies your unexplained feeling of unhappiness, that’s why you keep tracked in this dilemma, letting it reap havoc of your spiritual tranquility time and time again, taking various forms and triggered by different reasons.

There’s much more of what we label “Winter Depression or Mood Storms”, but lack of activities is more or less the core of all troubles. It’s the sudden stillness of life surrounding you that leaves these gray shades hovering over your once bright sky.

The weather conditions indeed stand as an influential factor in the way we feel during winter, but some enthusiasm can still shift what seems to be the source of depression into one of tranquil joy and entertainment, it’s the need to adapt to such season that makes it either enjoyable or unbelievably depressing.

Keeping your soul as high as it was during Summer takes a lot of energy and has two ways of combating its disorders…

First, Spiritual Exercises: and that through investing more time in uplifting and pampering the fragile spiritual being inside you- For example setting new resolutions that would help you have something to look forward to and rejuvenates what’s remaining of your energy. Also Yoga can have a sensed impact

Also trying to pinpoint the triggers and energy boosters that kept you going during summer is advisable. You may as well try and locate the core source of your soul aches- whether you do have problems or you only feel heavy will eliminate your confusion and unexplained sense of burden.

Secondly by enacting some practical measures. For example… having weekly outing plans.

Also sporting more regularly and being engaged in activities, team, charity or volunteer work, as much as possible and in a way that suits you more, will give you a sense of living fulfillment, and add more meaning to your life. Concerts also tend to have a credited mood uplifting impacts…

Winter blues can also be fought through food; that’s to say either through breaking meals routine or your food types, focusing more on dietary elements known to be effective mood boosters, and I shall list a few in the following lines.

You can for example include more juices, dine with friends or neighbors if possible… or actually colleagues… Organize picnics and trips, let them be safaris, hiking trips if possible, bird watching, walks, or even sightseeing.

Particular foods and vitamins are said to be good mood boosters, that instill happiness and joy. Such foods include coffee, carbohydrates and whatever elements that are rich in amino acid. Also Milk, Avocado, and whole-grain breads to mention a few.

Moreover, drinking a considerable amount of water daily is said to be a good catalyst in warding off mood swings and stress…

Not just that… reading some few pages of the holy book of your religion has proved to give one’s soul much of the comfort it lacks, for it provides the sense of assurance it needs.

Bottom line, enjoying the milder things of life during Winter, something the overly exciting and busy season of Summer never allowed much time for…

An accurate look into Winter changes can help you adapt to its unpleasant impacts that may hit you, and a more wise look into its uniqueness will get you make the best use of its relatively contemplative nature, something active seasons miss out on big time. But a more optimistic look into the realm of quietness Winter tends to create will trigger joy and enjoyment for the privacy it provides you with, time of your own, to connect to your deeper self and encounter new sides of your being.

Let me quote Ruth Stout when he speaks about Winter…

Ruth says: “There is a privacy about it which no other season gives you…. In spring, summer and fall people sort of have an open season on each other; only in the winter, in the country, can you have longer, quiet stretches when you can savor belonging to yourself.”

Winter can be a time of relief rather than a time of irritability and boredom, an invitation to ponder rather than a forced pause of continuous activities…

Applying some or all of the methods discussed above may indeed help, with the aid of the right diet, but what would surely lift you from a deep emotional setback is a more willing You, it’s You and how you intend to spend that particular time of the year that will determine if you’re going to spend it in varying stages of despair or live it to the max and spare it for more joy that is well-deserved.

Ok, so it’s your call I remind you- You chose how to live the season: reminiscing over bad memories, or making the best out of it. Your heart sometimes needs the permission of your mind to act in a particular way, so your mind work shall to a great extent influence the way your heart feels, making it joyous or poignant.

And I’m sure none of us can afford losing one entire season without displaying his best and demonstrating his true talents. So make it a season to remember.

May we all have a very pleasant and warm Winter…

Maha Youssuf
– First published in Euphoria Magazine 


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