A Bit of My Self

Somewhat on the Mystical side you think I am?

It’s Mysticism, yes, that I’ve always been pursuing

It’s through Spirituality that I connect to my Soul

And what is Soul but my Being?!


They say I’m stubborn …

Just willful I say..

Hard on myself at times ..

This I cannot repulse


They say I’m as tough as a nutshell …

Stiff from the outside… harboring a feeble being inside

I admit my malleable nature

But never tough as my outer-self may tell


They say I’m an Escapist …

I was never a withdrawer I aver

But I’m a Piscean…

Once faced by too much tension I walk my way away


Quiet I may seem…

In a self-imposed exile you think me?

No, but in a world of my choice I reside

To evolve, impact and shine


You’re a Feeler” I was told

And not a Thinker they say

Isn’t the work of the heart… the heart of the mind

The power lies in the heart I say


Restless they find me…

Impatient sometimes I might be

On a continuous search for a shore I am

And had since so long been


A Compassionate Piscean I am

And a typical Piscean forever I shall be

I see a part of me in each fellow Piscean

And they by far relate to me


They see me “Sophisticated”?

A bit on the serious side?

Hmm, well, I value joy but my way

And the platform must be set I say


Too Emotional they say I am..

So do I see myself

I advance human ties through connection

And how with no bond …Would there be harmony?!


I set high boundaries they say

For none to penetrate or find a way

I value my personal share

Like to keep it to myself I say


They say I’m Idealistic

Living in the La-La Land… Off the Ground I seem to float

I say… Having high hopes for people was never a sin,

And being attached to the originality of life was never a fantasy


I never ask for help.. True!

Too strong they mistake me

I just like to pour my Energy.. Have it transmitted …

Have it embrace what I give is my way


They say I follow my heart

I sigh and say…

If it rules the mind all the way

How dare I disobey?


Too Empathetic they say I am

I say love for mankind never exhausts me

Has Life got its enough share of It?

For mankind to Live , Explore and Transcend through It?


Through love I dwell and invite you to live

Life was never satisfying for those who don’t value Love

So Love … Love and Love

And through Love get to Live

Maha Youssuf


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