I Saw Allah through my Heartsight

This form of Munajah I use in here, and which differs a bit from my previous Munajat, sums up a great deal of my life in the search for an interpretation to many calls inside me, calls that may seem to have different voices but were all coming from the same destination, they were heavenly calls to know that my pursuit should be a seashore for the feeble heart and my path should be reaching out to Allah, in whichever way.

May we all find a way to Connect to the One, for it’s during those very precious moments when we vividly feel the presence of the Almighty around us as though we can see Him… when we feel the well-aspired Wasl, or Link that breathes life into our needy souls.

Oh Allah… It was during the early stages of my life when I started facing what I back then perceived as serious setbacks and I claimed to be strong enough not to refer to anybody for support but I knocked at Your door and I found You.

I stood before You exposing my vulnerability which I skillfully hid form others, yet again I found You, pouring Your Merciful Blessings to heal my wounds, shielding me with Your holy cloak of Kindness that made me seek no one else but You.

I was Young, weak and fearful, but I found You .. to fill the void that separated me from my being.

I sought out to You and I never ceased to find You.

I rose up again, lively triumphant and still I found You, happy to see me rejoicing the end of lengthy woes combat…

I rose up strong, yet growing more needy of You,

And yet again I found You.

As though there’s a vow, a deal we stuck together, that whenever I seek Thou help I’d find Thee

It was on that morning I woke up to the warmth of the Sunrays You ordered to reach me and rub my shoulders.

And I was lively happy again, like a flower watered by Thou Love.

Sometimes I asked why is it that You order destiny to stand in the way of me referring to a friend to open up in the seek out for comfort…

Some other times I found it hard to comprehend why You tend to prolong my cure.

And I knew, assured, that this was for me to know that there’s no soothing hand but Yours.

Now, as I stand at Your door, I confess, You are my sole Power.

People ask why I am overly secretive, rarely seek help, I guess here I provide the answer… I have found the Ultimate source of support, the ultimate power that transcends by order from You; The Supreme in Greatness… The Granter of Security… The Bestower of Honor and The Humiliator!

It just amazed me and still does how close You always be.

At the time I fell sad I found You..

And when I rose up healed I’d still find You

Who or what else I would need?

My heart went out for things, wishes and others, but it came back to find You.

When I feared I found You.

I got fulfilled to know You.

I wavered to seek out to You, and still.. found You.

The more You draw me near, the more I need You.

I traveled seeking a new homeland and I found You.

And when I felt this was not it I still found You.

I traveled all the distance back to start all over again, and I found You.

Everything changed but never You.

I sought out differently each time, and yet every time I found You.

I lived as a sincere introvert, and I found the great company in You

I got out to live among others, but then again I ran to You.

I grew up.. changed a bit.. got busier may be, but I always return to You,

To find You always watching over.

And at times when I got distracted and the distance between us grew bigger,

You sent gentle reminders upon me that it’s been a while since I last appealed to You.

And I’d heed the sign,

To come back again and still find You.

Running to You, I realize how I long for those dear moments of Connection You bestow upon me…

At times of extreme hardships I found You waiting for me to ask and You’d always Give.

And at merry times You never ceased to remind me that what I enjoy is from You,

So I’d thank and You’d Give.. even more.

Years have passed and I grew older and yet more needy of You.

I lived a lot, reaching a point where I wonder why I went all that long way and what for, the answer is yet to come,
And I’d continue to ask You.

Your Holy Words dictate that You created Mankind and Jinns to worship You,

And we’d still go astray,

And You’d still forgive,

I went to explore nature and I found You.

I found You among the graceful mountains,

Where you revealed Your Divine Self upon Your Messengers

And spoke to them.

I resorted to meditation,

But I found in You a better resort.

I read about human laws and flaws and I found You.

I found You in my words, thoughts and senses.

I met with great minds and dark hearts, pure and ailing souls.. those who’re successful and those still needy of Thou Guidance to show them the way, and I found them all on the seek out for Thou Mercy to beckon their footsteps, but each in his own way, even when they not the least realize it.

I met nobody who’s not in need of You.

I found You in all beauties.

And on every spot of land I found You.

Everything around me changes,

And yet continues to change,

But never You.

May You always instill Thou Love in my humble heart,

And never deny me those Wasl moments I live with Thee,

It’s those moments that breath life into my life,

Bless me with Your Love till my last breath.


3 thoughts on “I Saw Allah through my Heartsight

  1. Maha, I’m simply speechless :))

    I love it, so sincere, heartfelt and simply adorable.
    May you always be as close to God and always find your comfort in his merciful hands.

  2. Wonderful ya Maha… AMAZING… May Allah keep His bless upon you and keep His Wasl forever with you … :)

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