Open Letter to Sisters

Dear Sisters,

Know that you’re entrusted with a good share of responsibility and Know you’re up to it, only if you hit the right road.

You were assigned a dear legacy to pass on to future generations.

You were gifted with wisdom upon which depends the order of human societies.

God created you beautiful, so be grateful and take a good care of your beauty,

Maintain it and Protect it.

Act as a Lady,

Walk as a Lady,

Sit as a Lady,

And Talk as a Lady.

Be A Lady…

Serve your parents.

Keep your family connected.

Don’t forget to Supplicate,

It purifies your soul and instils in you a well-needed sense of security.

Be Beautiful, and you shall see beauty in everything,

Bring out beauty in things and people around you.

Always smile, it adds to your beauty.

Don’t shop for the sake of shopping.

Appreciate spirituality.

Have sometime for yourself.

Watch your cravings.

Don’t submit to depression.

Watch what you feed your mind and spirit.

Too much television blocks your creativity.

Be careful with who you seek out for guidance and advice.

Eat well,

Stay healthy,

Watch your weight,

Care for your skin.. hair

And be covered.

Be pious,

A pious mother equals a whole generation of pious men and women.

Be like a Gem, preserved and wrapped for protection

You know, more than anyone else what reveals your physical beauty and what covers it.

Let not sick souls steal evil looks of your beauty,

You’re much previous than that.

Lower your gaze.

Dress modestly, it makes you more valuable like a precious gift covered and not exposed.

Dream no more but rather Aspire

Trigger ambitions inside you and attend to them,

Dead is he/she who has no aim to live up to.

Think Great

Busy your mind with positive thinking,

And your heart with Love

Watch your talk

And chose your words,

Don’t joke much,

It waters down your elegance.

Avoid loud voice,

It bruises your gentleness.

Attend to God’s commands and never resist them,

Contemplate if you wish but never compromise,

Watch your manners.

Speak eloquently.

Be Truthful.

Read a lot.

Dare to speak your values and beliefs,

And don’t compromise,

Just chose the right platform

Be wise.

Accept your limitations

We’re more feelers than thinkers,

We’re emotional.. Nothing wrong about that

But we’re not lunatics, Allah gifted us with good thinking and influential skills,

Have you ever wondered why our wombs were entrusted with carrying humans for nine months, despite our feeble bodies compared to men?

That’s to establish the initial bond, humans’ foremost connection with their life to come.

It’s for us to spark this link which we shall need in raising them,

For we influence more, and indeed impact more.

Heed that and feel proud of it,

Make the best of it.

Embrace your nature and don’t resist it.

Be productive.


And be a source of light for others.

Set a good model.

Feel cared for,

You’re in God’s eyes

Looked after, watched over, and Loved….

Dress well,

Have self-respect.

Value yourself.

Preserve your chastity and remain precious

Stay positive,

Speak positive,

And see the positive side of others.

Be like a flower,

Radiating nice fragrance

And I mean not perfume here,

But tenderness, modesty and purity.

Be calm, assured and help those in need.

Be like a mother, entrusted with the well-being of her child,

Providing care, wisdom, and support.

Be strong, yet gentle.

Don’t forget your’re a Lady.

Don’t mistake boldness with confidence.

Have self-confidence, but never Supercilious

Keep your boundaries and ensure their being respected.

Set the rules and watch them followed.

Don’t compromise a due distance when dealing with guys,

It’s protective for both of you,

Make sure such distance is never breached Or crisscrossed

Do not adhere to a so-called Guy-Lady intimate Friendship, if it ever existed, it brought confusion, problems and pain to one of the sides.

You do a better job stopping that form happening.

It might make them grow attached to you, how would you control that?

On the other hand, what if you developed some crush on one, friend, but he didn’t develop same feelings for you…

Put the distance and do not mind being criticized for keeping a distance.

Friendship has one of two possibilities..

1)Friends growing attached, which is the normal scenario, Or 2) Friends refraining and taking one another lightly.

Can you accept yourself growing attached to a male friend, whom you trust so much, admire his mentality so much, and end-up comparing him to your husband one day?

Or would you aspire for the other possibility? Then I advice you to save yourself the headache.

I see the prevailing confusion and depression among both genders as the outcome of breached boundaries between ladies and guys, despite good intentions.

However I don’t mean the society should split into male and female poles.

But distance is what I come to stress.

Keep the distance and boundaries watched.

Last but not least,


I beg you to please preserve and maintain your Fitra, it’s the best form upon which you were brought to life, so don’t mess with it.

Yours sincerely,


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