Tonight, as before… I run to Thee
Amid Life’s submerge, I take refugee in Thee

I stand at the door of  Thou Mercy

In quest for Thou Munificence

Thou Divine Benevolence here I come to seek
I raise my hand and tilt my head earnestly
Over the shades of materialism incubating my heart
Taking over the purity which… herein I beseech You to reinstate

I come to Thee and seek Thou Connection,
The whole universe is void and sure squally
Never did I believe such abyss would contain me,

If not embraced by Thou Rahamat
A dark inclement is what to await me

Invited by Your Divinity I come to Thee
Called upon by intriguing need for the Link, I come to Thee

I appeal to You
Pleading for Your Guidance

Hoping for Your Divine illumination
Without which I roam endlessly seeking direction

Unless blessed by Thou blissful insight
Thou Will, Power… Thou Wisdom

For a sign to the Straight Path I shall continue the search
Thou art the Lone Light illuminating my stalk
Thou Art the Cloak of warmth shielding me
Me.. Thy poor Worshiper

I come to Thee
Implore for Thy Light

A sky-lit Life is dark
But for light offered by Thou Blessings

An inert heart is that,
Which is deprived of Thy Love
A sightless eye is that,
Which didn’t shed a tear of repentance before Thee

I come to Thee
Again I come to Thee
And forever I shall appeal to Thee
A soul that’s shredded by an incessant need for Thee


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