An Ode to Change


Change is a need, a goal, a tool, & an end

Change is hope, choice, power, & faith

Change bashes the status quo

When you find yourself no more there


Change breeches rules,

When failure they prove to be

Change topples old resolutions,

To put new Ones to rule


Change pours harmony onto life,

And a pursuit for a harmonious life it is

Change breathes life into life,

And life in itself it is


Change is power, will, and dare

Spurred by You and Driving You

It’s illumination … Inspiration

Change is motivation


Once embraced by Change you’re Different

A unique explorer you are

A traveler on a journey of salvation

On a fervent quest for the ultimate


Scent of the future it is, rooted in the present

Reaping its power, liberated from its dread

A free soul wandering is Change

Free, explorative, trusted and potent


A taste of sovereignty

A bit of ecstasy It is

Change comes to fill the vacuum there is

When lively Life cedes to be


Hmm, dicey?

Change comes to be the most pleasant risk of all

The most charming of all

The most compulsory of all


Change …

A tint of hope It is

A graceful bliss

A kiss of Life It is


An embroidery of a picturesque scenery

A scene of new white days

A warm embrace of tomorrow

A gentle farewell bid to a tired past


Change is wisdom

A daring soul It is

A young spirit It is

A call to break your cocoon It is !!!


One thought on “An Ode to Change

  1. This is a pleasant piece, and so authentic :)
    May we all change to the better and to what pleases Allah.

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