Finally My Dream Comes True

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the All-Mercifull

After nearly one year in the making, The Muslim Tribune (www.muslimtribune.org) goes live- an online podium propagating the truthful essence of Islam, focusing on a form of religious discourse that is collaborative, social, interactive- and over and above, abides by the balanced Muslim manners, that is to say: honest, truthful, respects and accepts the Other, and maintains the spirit of brotherhood that is the foundation of the Muslim community.

Through The Muslim Tribune, my team and I seek to educate people about Islam, in light of modern challenges that reduced people’s faith to subtle practices void of any divine connection or spiritual connotation.

Similarly, and being a place where Muslims meet and interact, collaboratively presenting Islamic knowledge, the Tribune welcomes guests, of whatever faith, to meet with Muslims and get to know about their true beliefs.

The Muslim Tribune represents “The” online tribune gathering Muslims, providing them with an opportunity to address any communities, institutions, or figures, sign petitions, present their views, network through full-fledged profiles, and learn more about Islam. It is also The Tribune for followers of whatever religion to visit and acquaint themselves with the Muslim mentality, ethics, and beliefs, all within the frame of well mannered interactivity and networking, and premium content that touches on many aspects of life from an Islamic perspective.

User Generated Content is one of the unique features of The Muslim Tribune as it encourages contribution from users in text, video, audio and pictorial content, so as to develop a sense of ownership over the platform and get their voices heard, as long as such contribution will add value and serve the overall message and quality The Muslim Tribune intends to deliver.

The Muslim Tribune serves as a channel into the Muslim thinking, for those eager to get better understanding of what contemporary Muslims come to believe and think.

It speaks Islam to Muslim and Non-Muslim mentalities, addressing modern dilemmas and presenting solutions from within the Islamic Faith.

The Muslim Tribune uses the latest of social media and Web 2.0 features, and that to ensure its interactivity.

A team of highly experienced online marketers, web developers, graphic designers, and writers have been working hard to make this project happen, and to ensure the usability presented in this platform.

The Muslim Tribune also involves input from a number of Muslim scholars and academics who’ve been following up on the progress of the project since its early stages and blessed it with great insights and guidance.

The Muslim Tribune, http://www.muslimtribune.org, is a sincere attempt to reunite Muslims by availing a dynamic channel to network, get heard, share their thinking and collaboratively take part in solving many modern problems they face. On another note, it seeks to re-establish a well-needed harmony with non-Muslims, bashing many widespread misconceptions about Muslims and Islam.

Asked about the anticipated launch of the project, I answered: This portal offers new reading of Islam, for Muslims and Non-Muslims alike. For Muslims to re-embrace their identity and hold on to their meritorious religion and re-explore its values, and for Non-Muslims to get to know more about Islam and connect to its followers, having the freedom to discuss all issues no matter how controversial or sensitive.

May Allah grant this project its aimed success and help us keep sincere to our intentions and earn us the reward. Amen!


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