Ramadan is in the Air

Given my commitment to The Tribune, I will only be able to share short posts here to keep my personal bond with writing enact.

As I urge for rolling up sleeves and getting prepared for the Holy month of Ramadan, I feel a strong need to come here on my personal channel to communicate, in this not the least refined or perfected piece, my heart’s reminiscing of this highly spiritual time of the year.

I truly cannot wait for the first day of Ramadan.. It’s so specially dear to my heart.. and this year, I’m in a bad need of it. To settle, reflect and revive my spiritual connectedness to The One, my Beloved. It’s been a while since I was last able to reach out in a full experience of Munajah which cleanses all my spiritual and mental aches. And the past year was of particular share of torment.. I lived through a lot, which rendered my spiritual being as feeble as never before..

So you can say I have a lot to talk about, my heart has a lot to talk about.. and amidst this abyss, I see no other chance for healing but letting my heart ache out in front of nobody but Him, my Master, my Creator.. Ramadan will be my time.. Ramadan is where we shall meet, me, the needy servant, and Allah the Almighty, The Source of Peace and The Guardian of Faith..


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