RIP Steve Jobs – You Lived Humble and Died Great

205130-steve-jobs-steve-jobs-r-i-pRIP Steve Jobs…

With a sad heart and tearful eyes I remind myself and everyone in my circle of the sincere approach that you adopted in your life; remaining faithful to your legacy and ultimately enthusiastic about serving humanity, remaining humble and steadfast despite your incredible success and equally incredible popularity.

You did your best, gave of yourself, literary, till your last breath.

You’ll always be remembered and your breakthroughs shall continue to live, even if you have died…

iMourn your death, yet iCelebrate your memorable addition to this world.

iRegret losing you, yet iHope for a life that’s so worthwhile for me and all.

iHate to see you gone, but iLove to see you living in every piece of inspiration you sparked, every word you spoke from the heart, and every creative breakthrough you scored…

Dear Friends and everybody who will come across this post: revise the way you’re living and make sure you have an optimum goal in life.

Strive to not depart this world without leaving a good legacy behind, each according to his field of expertise and God-given talent.

Know that you will die suddenly, unexpectedly and unpredictably.

So make the best of your life, and give; willingly, generously- give unconditionally.

Know that the best kind of giving is giving of yourself.

We surely need more Steve Jobs in our life.

RIP Steve, you lived humble, and died great.



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