Vanilla-Flavored Kind of Life

Well yes, surely we all need a comfy life. One that allows for creativity, leaves room for reflection, and helps us Be Good. And it is not a matter of whether we deserve one or not- it has to do with an unfathomable Force that’s far beyond our capabilities, wishes, or even pursuit.

Most people believe at some level of their psyche that they deserve a good life- with varying levels of conviction. There are those who work hard and should believe they do deserve the kind of good life that’s compatible with their perception of a good life, and they do believe they deserve it, whether they have it or not. And there are those who do the same but they’re victims of their unjustified sense of guilt which leaves them convinced, that they don’t belong to the world and shouldn’t be happy, or even aspire to be.

Hmmm, and there are those who don’t move a but yet await the bounties to befall them- they obviously have exemplary faith in God, but it’s a kind of faith that’s mingled with misleading conception of reliance on God. And there are those who neither work toward that end nor think they deserve it.. While it seems like a “fair enough” situation, let me tell you that they are dead beings taking the form of living humans. 

How can one live without hope for a good life, and a happy ending?!

But what is a good life and a bad life? It is sure variable, but let’s agree that there are some standards to abide by in defining each.

A good life, is a life that doesn’t have much obstacles and losses that lend one depressed, and probably has many elements of comfort that allows for self-development, or at least that’s the most common understanding of a comfy life.

And a bad life is generally the opposite …

Between the two poles that form the endless human struggle for happiness there are those who don’t settle for less, and believe they deserve the best and that they weren’t brought to this life to suffer, for God simply is not in the least need for their suffering. In my view, these are the people who live the most rewarding life, and equip themselves with the kind of positive energy needed to change the world, and some of them really do. 

And this doesn’t mean that they move mountains or climb steep hills, but they just Believe, and Believing is one critical difference between the living and the dead souls.

Yet… Beware!!

In your struggle to attain the kind of “good life” you aspire for never measure your level of deserving a good life to the results of your pursuit… they are not as dependable as you think. Do work hard to create the realm you think you belong to, with all that entails. But know that the results are largely dependable on God’s wisdom, which is beyond our mental or psychological capabilities.

This, in my view, is the perfect formula.

Practice wise reliance on God, and accept whatever kind of living, yet imbibe in your heart and mind this conviction of deserving the best.

Aspire and work hard to attain your aspiration of, not just a “good life”, but a “vanilla flavored life”.

May you attain it- Amen.

By: Maha Youssuf 

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