Post-Ramadan Reflections

1 – Less food makes you more productive and the opposite is true- I don’t mean hunger.

2- Supererogatory acts of worship helps you excel obligatory ones.

3- Disconnecting from surrounding buzz helps you connect to your Lord, Allah SWT.

4- Serenity is a trusted food for heart, mind and body: When mind settles, soul settles, and thus the body.

5- Constant recitation of the names of Allah, helps you better understand His attributes and thus knowing Him better.

6- Charity maximizes your wealth.

7- Sins put much pain in the heart and mind, and piety as an opposite effect.

8- Reciting the Quran on a regular basis establishes a sound relation between you and it on one hand, and you and Allah on the other.

9- Supplication puts much peace in one’s heart.

10- Serenity helps you know Allah, and thus yourself.


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