Post- Revolutions Egypt copying Russian Literature

Post-Revolution Egypt reminds me so much of Russian Literature …

And years from now we’ll read novels describing the lives of those whose souls settled and those who drowned. Those who found answers to their questions, and those who turned more doubtful. Those who won and those who lost, varyingly. Those who got achieved. And those who drowned in failure and are no more living, even if they’re still alive.

Those who met their dream, and those who forgot what it was. Those who still cling to their quest in life and those who gave up. Those whose pursuit proved genuine,  and those whose pursuit was uprooted, or perhaps wasn’t truthful enough to stand the challenge.

Those who welcome the change and let go of the past, good and bad, and those who cling to the past, even if their present still carries its bruises and persistently reject the living change.

Those who absorbed the change and those who persistently reject to embrace it.
Those who live the present and those still attached to the past, attached even to their oppressor.

Those who set their rules strict, even more strict than they were, and those who set them lose, too lose to have the slightest sense of identity.

Those whose expectations proved correct and those who continue to have only blurry vision of life.

Those who turned into famous celebrities and those whose original fame faded away.

Those who continue mourning the loss of their loved ones, and those who met with their soulmates.

Those who remember their past and those who forgot.

Post-Revolution Egypt is yet to unveil many secrets.. is yet to impact our lives in s many ways and with different intensities.



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