How to Complete Recitation of the Quran Every Month?

“The likeness of the believer who recites the quran is that of a citron, the taste and smell of which are good. The likeness of the believer who does not read the quran is that of a date, the taste of which is good but it has no smell. The likeness of a hypocrite who reads the Qur’an is that of sweet basil, the smell of which is good but its taste is bitter. And the likeness of a hypocrite who does not read the quran is that of a colocynth (bitter apple), the taste of which is bitter and it has no smell.’” (1)

Now that you know and realize how crucial reciting the Quran is, have you ever thought of being among those whose mouth are always watered by the recitation of the Holy Quran?
Think of it, think of the reward and the light it shall provide for you in this Dunya and after your death.
Why don’t you make the Quran part of your daily life and commit to a program of concluding the recitation of the full Quran each month?

Bear in mind that reading the Quran as much will have a mental and spiritual impact that’s beyond that’s physical act itself- that, not to mention the reward.

Concluding the recitation of the full Quran each month, following the proper rules of recitation and contemplating the meaning of its verses, will decipher the keys of the wisdom meant to be delivered through it. It will acquaint you with commands and laws of Allah.
It shall also pour much peace and calmness into your heart, assert your faith, and attach your heart more to Allah, your Lord, the One and Only God and Creator of the Universe, the One and Only Lord of the Worlds.

It shall also help you memorize many portions of it, an act the reward of which is too immense to explain in this brief post.

Furthermore, constant recitation of the Holy Quran, i.e. fulfilling the recitation of its full text each month, will help you reflect on its meanings and understand it more easily.

How can you complete the recitation of the Whole Quran Each Month, making it hence, part of your everyday life?

Let me provide you with a simple calculation that will divide the whole chapters of the Quran amongst the month’s 30 days (+ or – a day ).
– The Quran comprises of 114 Surahs or Chapters, that is 30 Sections. Each section comprises of approximately 20 pages (according to the most commonly used Mus’hafs or codex)
– Each day, we, Muslims, are ordered to commit to Five main obligatory prayers: 1. The Dawn Prayer (Fajr), 2. The Noon Prayer (Zuhr), 3. The Afternoon Prayer (Asr), 4.The Evening Prayer (Maghreb), and 5. The Night Prayer (Ishaa).
After each of the Five prescribed prayers, if you took a few minutes to recite 4 pages of the Quran, by the end of the day, you’ll have finished reciting 20 pages of the Holy Quran, that is One Full section of the Quran’s 30 Sections.
If you did the same each day, that is 4 Pages X 5 Prayers (One Full Section) X 30 Days (one month), you’d complete the recitation of the whole Quran by the end of each month.

And for women, you can easily substitute for your menstruation period by dividing the Sections of the Quran you’re supposed to recite during each day of this expemted period among the month’s 4 weekends, particularly Fridays, where the reward is maximized.

Another option is reading through your PC using a authentic soft copy of the Quran, even during your menstruation period.

This is a simple change which, if applied to your normal daily life that will have an immense impact that you shall sense it in this Dunya (worldly life), and the Other.

So be wise, do not compromise such great reward and much needed guidance.
May Allah accept the best of your deeds- Amen!


(1)- A Sahih Hadith narrated by Abu Mousa Al Ashari, found in Sunan Ibn Majah, Chapter No: 1, The Book of the Sunnah. (Translation used is from (

8 thoughts on “How to Complete Recitation of the Quran Every Month?

  1. A fantastic read! Just what I was looking for today! 👍
    May God bless you and reward you in life and the hereafter.

  2. Assalamoalekum wa rehmatullahe wa brakatuhu,
    It is for the knowledge of everyone opening this site that we can’t read Quran during periods. We cannot read it even without touching ayat or holding Quran in our hands.becuse a women is going thorugh her menstral cycle is not Muttahira .

    1. Assalamu laikum warahmatullah wa barakatuh,
      Mallam please what if you are in a boarding school and you are going for islamic recitation of the Qur’an,can you go with the complete qur’an sice you have no other choice?

  3. When you always talk to your friends about Sallah and they still refuse to pray,will you continue asking them to pray or you’ll live them alone?

  4. Aoa please don’t spread false knowledge about being able to read quran during menstruation. PEACE.

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