Me and My Cockatiels- 1

My Cockatiel Parrots
My Cockatiel Parrots

The best thing about blogging is not having to revise what you write or beautify it, but rather publish it in whatever form and quality it comes out.

This is what compels me to always publish my very personal reflections and share it with the world instead of keeping them confined in my personal diary that’s read only by me.

Ok, today I am pleased to introduce to you my new pairs of Cockatiel Parrots, showing in the picture here.

I’ve named them, actually mother has named them, Bakiza & Zaghlool- names of two characters of a very popular Egyptian TV series.

Bakiza is the lady and Zaghlool is the guy.

What’s so unique about the decision to buy these two lovely creatures is the fact that in the past, although I used to raise birds, I never dared come closer to them- yes I always feared them and their feather that flies whenever they move fast.

Contemplating the decision to buy birds I found that there’s something new those creatures can teach me.

And so we decided to go and buy a pair of those Fischer birds that we used to have when I was a kid. Me and mom went to Maadi district in Egypt. There, at a pet-store I was suggested, I saw for the first time in my life I saw the Cockatiel Parrots- and I simply fell in love with them. And immediately the decision was taken to buy them and bring them home. We bought the cage and all needed tools.

I placed them in a lofty place, for I have a cat too, and unless the two sides are used to one another I learned the consequences wouldn’t be so unlovely if I left them exposed to one another.

I was told I would be able to train Cockatiels to talk and whistle yet at a very young age- as young as a month or two, when they leave their momy’s next. And this is my plan. I’m readying to invest in the baby-to-come Cockatiel, and teach him to talk and whistle and to spend sometime outside the cage.

Watching the two nice parrots is so inspirational. They’re so tender, spontaneous, gentle, and do not hide their fear or they joy. And yes, I can very much relate to them.

Their presence was surely a warm addition in my life and I’m expecting to have a very unique experience having them in my life.

Will be sharing more reflections about that in future episodes … so stay tuned :)


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