My Silhouette
My Silhouette

The picture posted here features my silhouette standing on top of a sand dune at Fayoum Deserts in Egypt; some two or three years ago.

I took this shot and seeing my shadow back then left a certain feeling that’s hard to describe, but generally I see myself in most people I know, specifically the ones I love and have strong relation with such as my close friends and my dear mother- I always felt each one carries a part of the other, and yes I see my shadow in them.

Perhaps because of the kind of spiritual connection I naturally establish with things I use, places I visit, people I meet with and even events I live through- I see myself in all that- they all reflect on me and I on them, and perhaps we become one. And most importantly the closest shadow is that of myself throughout all phases of my life, since childhood and till date- I hold a very strong connection with my inner self- we’ve always been in touch, and distraction never managed to separate us, even for a moment- and when distraction persists, I walk my way away, to enjoy my cocoon and keep the connection with my soul sound and enact.

But that shadow of myself I see in others is what had always amazed me- I do not who mirrors the reflection of the other- but what I know is that the outcome is the same- I see myself in people, places, events that touched me and  warmed my heart.

I’m not sure if I could managed to communicate such very personal piece of reflections but perhaps a few words of Demis Roussos’ ‘Shadows’ can convey a bit of what I have in mind ..

Shadows of a thousand faces keep on turning in your mind,
and forgotten names and places never really left behind.
Is it here imagination seeking shelter from the rain,or a long self conversation once again.
Shadows never point a finger at the things you say or do,
silently they seem to linger any way you may run to.
Sharing every joy or torment, every laughter or despair,
facing you at any moment if you dare.


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