Create Your Own Life Experience.. Embrace Your Destiny

Don’t live in the shadow of others- this is not life. Don’t prison yourself in others’ perception of life. Don’t live someone else’s life. Don’t miss your own goals in life. And most importantly, don’t enforce deadliness upon your life.

Simply put, you ought to create your own life experience. You were brought to life to occupy a certain place, cause a certain impact, and share in the overall process of developing life on Planet Earth, this is one common duty befalling all of us fellow humans.

Your potential is never enacted unless you realise it. Sometimes people pop up into your life to help you locate your potential and true talent. But that’s not guaranteed and you should not rely on that. You are the one responsible for your life and how you wish to go about your dreams and intended goal in it. Rely on nobody but your one and only Lord, Allah the Almighty. He is all you need, if you dealt by logic and did your homework of trying to know your role in life and upheld it.

Do not regret or fear the time you need to spend with yourself to take one single step forward. The time you invest in connecting to your inner self and thinking wisely about your own view of life and how you wish to live it up will facilitate your way all through your journey to success, happiness and ultimate fulfilment. Whereas acting without much understanding of yourself and imbibing a unique perception would mean wandering in bewilderment, partially failing and partially living some other person’s life, someone who is not you, and the result, either you’re depressed, feel worthless, or envy those who found their way.

Know that feeling content, joyous and lively is tightly connected to your sense of achievement, itself depending on your potential and your own unique pursuit in life. Have you ever seen a successful person who doesn’t know his true talent? Have you ever came across a person who’s leading a force that’s forced upon him, copying the life of someone else, even dressed like him or her, and speak like him or her and still feels happy and content? That’s not even a possibility.

Be wise, and know that the time you’ll spend searching your soul for what it truly wants and its perception of life will consequently lead you locate your true potential, imbibe in you a self-love and eagerness to achieve and courage to create your life experience.

Know that your potential is the role intended for you in life. So when you get the two deciphered, only then will you be able to embrace your destiny joyously and contently … This is what happiness has come to mean!!

Having read this, do not waste one single day without applying it and walking your way, assuredly, towards your destiny and fulfilment.



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