Hands !

I’ve always been obsessed with the idea of hands..
For me they’re standalone living creatures rather than mere organs in the human body.
You can tell a story with your hands.

Hands issue a warning.. tab a shoulder.. capture images.. stop harm.. carry a baby.. and salute others; remotely!

With hands one writes, telling all he’s got in his mind and heart.

You say what your tongue may be reluctant to communicate.
Hands are but a bliss.

A gift from God.

Hands’ gestures are just amazing, and can be an efficient method of communication, without offences (unless you mean to).

Hands drive.. hands produce.. hands raised in supplication, and others wiping tears, your tears or other people’s tears.

Hands do tell a lot about personalities. They are personalities on their own.

Hands raised supplicating to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds..
Hands painting beautiful scenes.
Hands cleaning up and hands tossing dirts.
Hands making war, and hands cleaning their debris.
Hands holding books to read, and others flipping aimlessly through their pages.
Hands building, and others causing destruction.
Hands planting seeds, and others rooting them out.

Hands speak a lot of their people- they can’t but tell the truth.
Yes, you tend to read people’s personalities through their hands, and I’m not in any way referring to palmistry.

Soft hands speak of luxury and relaxed life.
Hard hands speak of a tough life that mostly depends on physical work and effort.
There are nervous hands, and calm/ assured hands.
There are artistic hands that are thin with long fingers…
There are fashionable hands that got colored-nail polish, and you may differentiate them from maintained hands that are moisture yet not looking like Barbie’s

Hands are powerful, they form a direct tool of communicating with the outer world.
The hands- universe relation is one of direct cause and effect nature..
You either place something on a table well, or drop it off, there is not a third possibility.

Watch you hands and those of others, they speak a very unique language and can help you penetrate through people’s minds and get to know what is not spoken of or told.


One thought on “Hands !

  1. I like this article so much, you made me wondering although hands can do all what you’ve said they’re still representing one way of communication I guess, not like eye contact at that awkward moment when someone is trying to get on the elevator but the doors are closing and they make eye contact with you.
    Please make an article on eyes as well.


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