Live from ”Me” !

It’s been a while since I committed as such to my dear blog. I had a huge homework to do!

A lot has been going on over the past three years or so that I find it difficult to reflect on and put in accurate words as I wish, lest I downplay or minimize the impact of such rich and perhaps tiring experience that I highly appreciate.

I lived through a lot of things, I feel like it was more than three-year phase of my life.

And I wont relate to incidents in terms of ups and downs like most people usually do, engaging more in the evaluation of how they received incidents of their life than connecting to the impacts those experiences engraved in them.

Exactly three years ago I quite my job..and the downturn, actually the upturn started..

I then applied for acquiring a master degree in Islamic Studies, and I joined the Higher Institution for Islamic Studies in Foreign Languages…

And this was one stop in my life credited for a major shift in my life.

I was inspired to launch an online interactive media Project dedicated to the Muslim personality and driven by contemporary Muslim thinkers, academics and media reps- That is The Muslim Tribune (www.muslimtribune.org). It’s a platform aimed at developing wise Muslim personalities and raising their awareness to be proud of themselves of being Muslims and capable of integrating into the modern age world and facing the endless challenges creeping in. It’s perhaps a Tribune that propagates the balanced, pure and true doctrine of Islam, the true image that I always had in mind and always alluded to in my writings, even in non-Islamic contexts and media destinations. It took me and the team that worked with me much effort, but I can say that it came out as I wished it to be.

After the initial set up, soft launch, and the first two years of hard work, the Project is, with the help of Allah, paid off well. It is prospering and doing just fine, requiring more intellectual input from our side, yet less consuming time and effort. Which gives us more room for planning for its future.

Meanwhile I was invited by my professors to join a number of reputable institutions, working in media as well- Dar al-Ifta al Misriyah, Iqraa International TV, and most recently al-Azhar institution.

This all has enriched my career experience. Also meeting a variety of personalities, enriched my own personal experience, and opened new horizons before me.

This involved good incidents and bad incidents, both of which added much to my perception of life and the direction I’m heading for. This marked a new station in my life-long journey, which has been moving in the same direction, even it seemingly took different downturns. I talked a lot to myself and engaged in much Munajah. I asked for divine guidance, and it had always aided me.

Life is rich and eventful, do not waste it by being confined in where you are, go out and explore new horizons. Explore what the destiny has for you, and embrace it assuredly and courageously.

Make the best of your chances.

Turn the challenges into opportunities, and only then they’ll become good memories.
Turn your weaknesses into points of strength, and only then you’ll be able to trace your role in life.

Just Be who you wish to become!

This was a very personal piece of reflection, live from “me”!


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