Finding the Way!

What does it take for one to find his/her way, towards success, fulfilment, happiness, or towards upholding the role/mission intended for him or her?First; you’ve got to live for a purpose, for a dream, a mission. You’ve got to find a meaning for your life, let that be an idea, a message you wish to deliver to the world or a goal you need to achieve. Such purpose or goal is the axe of your pursuit, and its absence is absolute failure.

Hence you have to have a pursuit, a path for which you seek guidance and try to fetch directions. What is life but a journey?

But how to know what you want in life and what is the role you’re meant to serve? What is the mission assigned for you?!

That’s easy, you just need a pure heart and a free mind to locate the answer.

And then watch all the things that you do, whether at work, within the community, or with friends.

Your intended role in life, besides being something that serves humanity, has three main signs:

1- You do it better than other, so if you find that you’re better in drawing than many other people then probably you should keep an eye out for that.

2- You do it easier that others.

3- You enjoy doing it.

If that thing you do meets all three criteria mentioned then go for it, this is the mission you’re meant to uphold.

Now that you’ve defined your journey, you need to fetch signs showing you the way, towards all that mentioned above.

This is just step number One.

Step number Two is simply make this idea or mission the core of your life. Think of it, dream of it, and speak of it. Make it as vivid as your reflection in the mirror. Make it part of your being and presence in life.

Step number Three is waste no time, doing anything, or being with anybody who puts you off your path, eats up your energy, or disheartens you. Your entire life pursuit should serve your ultimate purpose. Avoid negative people and sick hearts. Avoid void people who have no pursuit in life and are themselves confused, it’s ok to offer them help but do not spend time with them for the sake of their company, it’s fruitless.

Even your leisure time should provide you with energy for that particular purpose you live for.

Supplicate and ask Allah to make ease your pursuit and journey in life.

Learn about your purpose.

Avail the tools for it.

Let nothing discourage your or keep you form trying.

Edison once said it: “our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”

Find the time to reflect on your dream and watch the signs God may be sending to guide you towards the fulfilment of that purpose.

Keep the connection with your soul, Allah, and the universe enact, for you cannot serve a realm that you’re disconnected from.

Last but not least.. Have Faith that you can do it.



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