Get up.. Feel Inspired

tea-381235_1920Tap into you conscious and sub-consious mind, also your heart, do you feel inspired?
“Yes” is a normal good answer to be followed by active measures in life towards what you seek to achieve.

“No”, then you’ve got to do something about it.. Don’t wait for an element of inspiration to lighten up before your eyes and invites you over. You create your own source of inspiration.Do not accept what you do not spiritually accept. Rise up to chase after and catch your dream. This is not mere theoretical thoughts, but a time-tested advise.

Do not watch, in despair, those who made it to their dreams and optimum goals in life, rather pave the way for yourself to stand among them. Look up to yourself and know that you are up to it. Apply sound reliance on Allah, supplicate and persist in your supplication.

Make your dream a reality.. enough dreaming.



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