On Being A Woman

How blessed I am to be a woman?!
This is how I feel and this is one feeling every woman should imbibe and nurture with love, gratitude, tenderness and contentment. Creating this sense of gratefulness and acceptance in yourself will help you embrace all merits granted to your gender as ordained by your creator, Almighty Allah. You were born to be a woman for a reason, for a purpose. Having this belief deeply rooted in your perception will foster a wise understanding of the role intended for you in this life, just for being a woman.What does being a woman mean.Being a women means you’re equipped with a good share of tenderness and warm emotions to contain yourself and those who happen to be in your life; your parents, your husband, your children, friends, colleagues or work-peers.Being a women involves having a level of intelligence that helps learn fast and apply that which you learn, and that’s why a woman’s influence on her children sets the milestone shaping a their personality. That’s why women are entitled to many chances and opportunities to cause massive changes to the world.

It means you’re a warm and tender being, so do not attempt to change that, rather boost it and pour it on those surrounding you, help make your realm an abode of tenderness, love and compassion.

Being a women means that you are more sensitive than the opposite gender, and this doesn’t mean that you’re less intelligent. But rather it means you are gifted with the ability to understand others’ sufferings, more willing to deal with them, and more capable of alleviating  them, as much as your capacity allows for.

Being a women is having an extraordinary level of patience, that helps you deal more wisely with challenges, even if you happen to suffer  much more than men do.

Being a women is being blessed with a good share of creativity that helps you add much beauty to the world.

Being a women is having a kind heart, a vast heart that’s got room to contain the world.Be that woman you were meant to be and feel grateful.

Happy International Women’s Day…


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