Live Fully.. Live Anew!

live-511556_1280I’ve said it before, and I’m saying it again today: Life is quite too vast to be seen, holistically, from one single angle. It’s way too vast for your limited mind to contain and fully grasp. But surely being exposed to more of it shall earn you better understanding of what it’s all about.Look around, with explorative eyes, with receptive heart and sensitive mind.
Tread paths your soul whispers into your mind; persuasively.
Somewhere lies the answer to a Big question of yours,
one that will unlock much riddles about life.

Follow your heart, cast fears aside. The farther you go, the wiser you grow.
The more you learn about life, the more accepting, familiar with its ups and downs, you shall be.

Look afar.. Seek beyond the seen..
Stretch your wings far and wide.
Your heart beats will fill the skies.

Seek silence … Listen to your internal whispers telling you keep going, life is a journey.
For truly it is.. So make your journey enjoyable.

Create the life experience you wish for.
Follow not others’ footsteps, rather mark yours.

Live Fully.. Live Anew!



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