The Pursuit!

map-of-the-world-1164919_1920Everybody has got his own pursuit.. it’s the pursuit of life, or the fundamental pursuit encompassing all areas of his/her life.

One’s pursuit tells a lot about him, his wisdom, motto, convictions and aims and aspirations.

It says a lot about who he is, his optimum goals in life and how he plans to go about them.

And it surely says a lot about one’s perception of life.

For others, your pursuit may seem strange or perhaps odd, but individuality remains one common aspect of each person’s pursuit.

Your pursuit has two primary aspects, the General aspect, one that involves the public, and a Personal aspect that has to do with you, only you. One’s pursuit becomes one coherent unit only when both aspects become aligned, and by aligned I don’t mean similar, just aligned, representing one another and serving each other, to satisfy the spirit of that single entity that is You!

What you intend for your pursuit, along with the aid and support of God, will determine it to be easy, fast-paced, slippery, or smooth, fruitful or otherwise!

As for the part that has to do with the Lord, all you can is to plead and supplicate that He makes your pursuit worthwhile and enjoyable, so that you may gain the harvest in this worldly life and the other.

As for your part of the mission, you have a lot of homework to do to earn your intended gains;

Know yourself and be It. Attempt to reform your drawbacks though.

Surround yourself with positive kind-hearted people, those who value life and reckon their role in it. Those who know you well and respect your values, your goals, your pursuit.

Refrain from passive, ill-hearted persons, who tend to pull you down to their failing zone. Those who’d hate your success, comfort and joy!

Educate your mind, invest in your soul and keep a pure heart, one that reads the signs, those Divine signs Allah sends you to enlighten your path and guide you all the way through your pursuit.

Life is not just about goals and achievements though.

First and foremost mission of man on earth is to grasp its essence to be able to claim and achieve his role in it. So do that too!
Know what life is all about, to locate your position in it!

Cultivate a soul that knows its Creator, its Lord and seeks shelter only in Him.

Stay alert to your spiritual talks, only you can listen to them and only you can decipher their messages.

It’s those message that speak of the development or decline of your pursuit, so that you may move forward assuredly!

May all your pursuits get fulfilled, serve humanity, earn the satisfaction of the Almighty and represent the good selves you are!


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