On Finding a Purpose in Life

chaos-485492_1280One question that overwhelms and persists in the mind of everyone of us is ‘what’s the purpose I have in life’, apart of the bigger question of what is all humans’ purpose of life.

Developing the need to know and recognising the necessity to find an answer for this question is in itself a sign of achieving a considerable extent of self awareness and developing a better understanding of life.

I’ve mentioned many times here on my journal and in other writings that our prime aim and mission on earth is upholding the legacy of vicegerency .. Yes we are God’s vicegerents on earth. But there’s  a deeper level of vicegerency, one that has to do with the passion and the prime potential you’ve got within, your divine tool to serve humanity and uphold your higher aim and mission on earth. This is the you, your core planted within yourself, partially to get a clue about where to head for and partially to uphold a job better done by you than others, and the result.. yes, a nation better served through that role you think to be too little to recognise or be recognised.

I agree all this needs an alert heart and mind.. a soul that sees beyond the materialistic and direct events befalling our lives and overwhelming our perception. But then again, would you risk living a life that you do not know the purpose of? Would you accept to come to this life and just leave without upholding your task and leaving your print.. leaving a legacy?

The opposite of all that is still easy and doable. You can perfectly occupy your place on earth and seamlessly uphold the mission assigned for you, but just keeping the bond to your soul and conscience enact. By the way your consciences is an intermediary linking your mind and heart. It speaks logic to the mind and pours on pain to the heart when you tread the wrong path or choose to compromise your values.

So first condition, or if you wish to call it element; is an alert connection to your soul.

Second element is keeping a watchful reckoning of your passions, acts and aims. Then keeping a watchful eye judging that which you do best but still relates to your passion and goals. When you realize that there’s a particular task, job, action or set of actions that you 1) like, 2) do very well, 3) do fast, 4) does generate positive and moral benefit that serves humanity, then you have been finally blessed with the answer. The action that fills these four criteria is certainly and definitely the role and mission assigned for you as an individual vicegerent of God on earth. The one you’re particularly meant to claim and your road to self- actualisation.

We humans were brought to life to worship our Creator, Allah, Exalted be He. And this uppermost aim tends to help and aid our individual pursuits in life, including the mission assigned to each one of us, based on each one’s potential and talents.

Your potential has got to turn into a mission, and your mission is your purpose in life.

Knowing your assigned role and passions, knowing your role and thus defining your mission will help you all the way through your life, and consequently help you allocate and achieve your purpose in life. It will even help you locate other minor or less crucial goals and dreams in life. It sort of synchronises your pursuit and life journey, harnessing your passions, potentials, aims and dreams to live a full, joyful and healthy life, one that’s got less unwanted and negative struggles.

And I could related very much to a quote by Amit Ray that reads;

“It does not matter how long you are spending on the earth, how much money you have gathered or how much attention you have received. It is the amount of positive vibration you have radiated in life that matters,”

You need to set your target before you shoot. Know yourself, set your goals, and start developing the skills needed for each, and do not forget to watch your performance and the divine signs that will keep unfolding before your eyes throughout your life journey.

May you all have a prosperous life that’s worth living and fighting for.


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