Sadness is a Virtue

Sadness, like joy, is a kind of pain signalling that you’re alive.
Sadness means that you’re connected to yourself, to that point inside of you telling all about yourself.
Sadness means that you’re aware, alert, that you’re who you are, where you are.

Sadness means that you’re present, Now!

Sadness is energy to be transformed, used and managed.

But hold on.

Sadness is a virtue that shouldn’t be sought after.

It’s a kind of emotion that is to be accepted rather than ignored, denied or marginalized.

When you’re sad, don’t feel sorry for yourself.



One thought on “Sadness is a Virtue

  1. Hey, who are you really?
    Why did you stop at march 2015?
    Are you ok?
    Would like you to continue and to know that you are well.
    Bye and my regards,

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