Letter from a Mum- to- be to Her Baby on Labor Day

We’re a few hours away from finally meeting up, after a journey and unseen connection that sprouted and developed over the past 9 months. Today is D day!I have a few words to share with you …

And last but not least, I ask you to be gentle, to me and to yourself, today as you crawl your way out to my world, and your life yet to begin!

I cannot promise you that life will be easy and smooth, but I can promise to do all that I can to make it so and give you all the love, support and guidance a person can give. I promise to invest my heart, mind and full capacity in you- for you to always be happy, safe and protected.

I’ve been waiting for this amazing moment for 9 full months that felt like a lifetime, wondering about what will it feel and be like, being a mother. It’s a kind of bond and relation I never experienced before.

My love for you sprouted before I see you and grew with each day of pregnancy, reaching today, and this very moment, where they’re preparing me for labor, to get you out to the world, for me to hug you and for you to face a new life.

I can’t help but wonder what did life in there felt like over the past months. How did you feel and what could you perceive. Did you experience what I went through? Could your heart feel me, the way mine melt with love for you? I just wonder.

I can’t wait to meet, hug and feel you, knowing that you will change my life, and add much warmth to it. I need you much more that you will ever need me, and I promise you “I shall always be there for you, my little anger.”

Your name shall be Adam, and my prince you shall always be.

I’m ready and laying here in this room waiting for you to give you my all.

Arrive safely and fear nothing, all shall pass well inshaAllah.

With all the love in the world I’m here waiting for you.



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