100 Shades of life

In the journey of life, we tend to cling to a particular color or colors which we like to see, wear and largely select in things we use. Such preference varies from one person to the other and from time to another. Also some people change their preferences, others never do, and continue loving the very same colors they love.

But the case with life is different. For life, itself like a rainbow or a box of crayons, has all colors there in. It radiates all shades of colors, those you may like and others you don’t, and which manifest to you in different life instances, good or bad, happy or sad, different people, different people, and different taste of life itself.

And you don’t have the luxury or being selective to one shade of color and neglecting the other. You are, somehow, obliged and forced, to live through and deal with all such shades that life reflects onto you.

“The soul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughts,” as says Marcus Aurelius. And this you have to know and understand very well. Because, while you have to embark on that shade or the other that manifests to you, like frequencies, you have the ultimate choice to embark on it for long or just quit it before it taints you feel of life and your soul.

We are affected by those shades of life same way colors we wear or use affects our soul. So beware. While you will encounter all shades of life in your journey of living, it’s you who will decide on which shade will soak your life, moment, and soul most!

May you live only the colors you love, always! Amen.


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