Speaking of Serenity

Well.. Serenity is surely not the absence of troubles or aches, but rather living through them while ensuring there’s much peace in the heart to balance the equation of spiritual stability.

Embinbing serenity is a smooth process yet involves much self discipline. It also requires much faith and connection to one’s soul, even if it’s aching, and God, The one and only helping hand that can guide you through your journey towards serenity and harmony with your soul.

Achieving serenity can actually disconnect you from any bitter feelings that you cannot withhold as a result of life challenges or troubles, putting onto your heart much calmness to silence its screens seeking tranquility and wholeness.

To be serene, is to be one with yourself- to know your exact trouble, name it and deal with it as a fact of life that will or will not change, depending on what it is.

To be serene also is enjoying every moment you’re living through, engaging is good thoughts and reflecting on whatever situation you’re going through in a way that represents you, your core values and understanding of life.

Serenity is completing the circle of your being on your own instead of magnifying its incompleteness and incompetence.

This is one ray of light that will lead you up to your final destination out of struggles.

Be serene and let nothing distract you from that taste of life that’s fine, aromatic and peaceful!


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