Belief is a Persisting Thought!

To begin with.. what is a thought?

A thought, simply put, is one idea or a group of ideas, that splash in your mind.

It then turns into a belief when it persists and keep on visiting your mind time and time again for a few days, weeks, months and perhaps years, until you take one action towards it that manifest or demonstrates your relation with it, which is called ironing out your relation to such thought, to be a belief accepted and adopted or rejected.

One’s action later on speaks of his/her relation to such subject matter, though or idea, to make it a belief that he or she believes in.

For example, a woman keeps on thinking and thinking that women’s rights are largely usurped in her country and community, and she keeps on thinking of this matter, with eagerness to change it and take an action against it, till she becomes a community activist or if you wish to call her “Feminist”.

Similarly, a person who believes that his country doesn’t pay much attention to minority rights, if not purposefully sidestep them. He keeps on thinking of the matter for a while, reaching one of two ends, either, giving up such thought or belief, or adopting it to become rights defender or a minority activist or lawyer.

A belief can be ideological, political, spiritual or religious.

It can, when adopted by a person, be an added value lifting up one’s life, or turning it to a nightmare, if it’s not representative of one’s mindset, soul and nature.

Shrewdness and having a clear and pure intuition, is what aids you to adopt the right belief at the right time, the right way, one that leaves a life-altering impact on you.

Be careful with your thoughts, thoughts, particularly those you turn into beliefs, and more particularly those you chose to adhere and cling to or later reject.

I’m not bound to win but I am bound to be true!

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