The Dilemma of Mapping Your Life

Mapping your life is an endless task, one that you keep on doing every now and then and whenever any change creeps into your life.

Mapping your life is distributing your life onto the several areas it harbours, such as your work, your social life, family commitments, house chores and the like.

When single, a woman used to map her life, assigning portions of her time, thinking, and energy to her own personal time, sports, work life and career, big family and and perhaps travels. Getting married remapping her life becomes a necessity to assign a portion of her life to her husband and house chores. Becoming a mother, another remapping of her life is also needed to assign another portion of her life, perhaps the biggest of it all, to her baby, and it continues to be the first priority and task consuming much of her life for a long time, if not forever.

Why is mapping one’s life important?
Well, this hectic task is needed to alleviate the burden of stopping everyday and thinking if your giving each area of your life its due attention and care. Setting that matter in by mapping, as in really mapping your life inside your mind and on paper, makes things clearer and silences the chaos that will keep haunting your mind and swallowing your energy each time you try to answer the persisting question of, are you handling your life well?!

Do map your life and life peacefully!

I’m not bound to win but I am bound to be true!

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