That Night, That Moment When You Face Yourself

Why do we need to gather much courage to face ourselves and read our inner thoughts and most intricate feelings?

Well, simply because it will mean you will stand barefoot amidst a flood of lost dreams, a number of new lofty ones, failures and many conflicting feelings that you have no clue how to deal with. It means that you will dig out all that you’ve been suppressing, trying to cope with your present reality and accept it, carve a path that pours much needed tranquility to yourself and comforts your woes, and walk courageously through it.

Also confronting yourself always requires much courage simply because you will have to face your weaknesses and drawbacks, which you will have to accept to be able to work on, or at just deal with.

You will need to employ your best honesty to read through yourself and your reality to be able to identify the core of your pains and work on them, or simply accept them as they are and move forward.

So when you decide, one day, one night, to confront yourself, identify all your needs, dreams, pains, depressions, failures and fears, read through them and through yourself. Then speak to yourself through what it wants and what it doesn’t want. Get to know all changes that have befallen both your life and yourself and try to find a way to meet somewhere in the middle, but never forsake your dream of happiness.

Life is too simple to perceive it as so, rather we are all loaded with the feeling of its complications. While in our hearts we have the answer to all our questions and through our hearts too, that we see through ourselves, things, situations and people.

Honesty does purify the heart, and so does self talk.

That moment you face yourself, is that moment that you see it all, feel it all and know it all.

I’m not to bound to win, but I’m bound to be true.


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