Why Spring is My Favourite Time of the Year?!

It’s during that time of the year when flowers blossoms, the sun shines for longer hours, melting away the chill of the winter and bringing much warmth to the earth as well as people’s hearts who’s long suffered the loneliness of winter and its cold nights.

It’s the start point from many new beginnings kickstart. Flowers blossom, initiating a new life cycle of new buds, inspiring people to start a new, set new resolutions, or commit to old ones. It’s time for new beginnings. And I do love new beginnings.

Spring also brings forth new colours of flowers that diminished from the previous summer and kept hiding through winter to rise up once again during spring time, creating a dance of joy and beauty, renewing our energy and inspiring a well-needed steps towards change that we long neglected.

Spring, thus, is acquainted with warmth, colours, renewal and many more needed qualities that we miss in our lives and remember them with the first smell of early buds blossom in the nearest garden.

Have a good Spring.. Have a good Life!

And gain,

I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true!


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