Why I Love March… A Rich Month to Remember

March marks the beginning of Spring time, even if it doesn’t fall exactly on the very beginning of the month and rather as late as 21st, but for most people, it’s associated with the end of the chilliness of winter days.


Yes, it’s spring time, the daffodils time. It’s a that beautiful time of the year when people remember to gather their share of beautiful flowers and plants inside their houses and and out in the gardens, just to host the beautiful month of March.


World Compliments Day

You look nice today, you got good vibes.. Your words helped me a lot… I appreciate your presence in my life… Are all words that makes you feel loved, worthy and certainly appreciated.

Falling on the very first day of March, the World Compliment Day was first invented by Hans Poortvliet, from the Netherlands, who thought of launching such initiative first in his homeland to later make it an international day.

The event is a good chance for people to spread those positive feelings of appreciation, love, and tenderness among one another, celebrating the value of good words and how they are capable of lifting the morale of a distressed person who is in need of the least form of appreciation.


Note: World Compliment Day


 International Women’s Day

The International Women’s Day, now widely recognised in most countries, as a chance to vibrantly appreciate women and celebrate their presence in societies in a wide range of moves ranging from enacting new laws that protects their rights, giving them credit for the well being of the family and speaking of their valuable input in making everybody around them feel cared for and loved.8 March International women's day greeting card -  paper figure eight on a background with tulips. Vector illustration.

International Women’s Day is annually celebrated on on March 8 highlighting the achievements, both historical and modern, of women all over the world. It is known as the United Nations (UN) Day for Women’s Rights and International Peace.

The International Women’s Day is an invitational for all women to feel valuable and  worthy… to feel appreciated and loved, with the event’s day logo usually carrying the female beautiful colours of purple, pink and white with their variations, demonstrating the beauty and purity being a female means.

International Jewels Day  

13 Jewel Day

Celebrated on March 13, this cute day is marked in the international calendar as a day inviting everybody to give and receive jewellery and celebrate the beauty and value of jewellery. It also invites everybody to grab their share of jewellery and wear them and show them off.

One way of actively and positively celebrating such day is holding an event and gathering your friends at home or outdoor to exchange and made handmade jewellery.  And if you’re not somebody who’s always busy to wear jewellery may be it’s a good chance to wear some and feel the vibes of good natural stones, some have really good and effective healing impacts.

To Be Continued, the research is so much and March merits are countless :)


I’m not bound to win but I’m bound to be true.

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