You’re A Living Magnet

The secret behind the current paradigm shift the world’s been undergoing in recent years as a result of the sweeping popularity of The Law of Attraction is that everybody has started sensing that their thoughts, moods and state of mind are attracting and bringing forth incidents and happenings pretty much of the same nature as they are.

Meaning, if a person is worried of a particular matter, it begins unfolding. If he’s thinking too much of a particular person he may encounter him or meet him accidentally, or rather what may seem accidentally.

This led people to start believing more and more in the so-called Law of Attraction and embracing it as a cosmic law that should be respected.

You may want to reconsider the way you think and feel and the thoughts you focus on and nurture as they may lead to and attract more like happenings that you may go through whether you like it or not.

You may even attract to your being thoughts you don’t really like by resisting them so much that you think of them more than those you like.

So you may be astonished how come you hated a matter and kept thinking of how abhorrent it may be yet encounter it. Well, the fact of the matter is that resisting a matter may be a catalyst to bringing it to fruition rather than pushing it away.

So what should one do if he or she thought of a negative matter or a fear for example? Well, instead of thinking of it too much or even resisting and fearing it, you may want to avoid it and disregard it altogether as an unimportant matter that doesn’t mean much to you. In other words, keep it low profile instead of enlarging it and resisting it.

To make it simple and easy for you. You may push away a negative incident, by pushing away the thought of it. How to do that? By placing yourself on a different intellectual frequency, that’s less negative and fearful.

Alway keep thoughts that feel good and taste good. Feeling good in itself is a good training to stay in your vortex of creating good events and bringing them to your life. And the opposite is true.

This is a simple yet a new way of shedding light on the merits of the law of attraction.

Yes we create our own reality and only God accepts our wish to create and gives us the permission to!

Beware of your thoughts. Refine them and this is your only way to live well!
And remember, there’s always something good out there waiting for you to live it, you just need to live the thought of it as a living reality and attract it to your life “as a living magnet”! Yes, you’re a living magnet!

And again,
I’m not bound to win, but I’m bound to be true.


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