Revive Your Passion.. Renew Your Inspiration

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Guided Path Towards Spirituality

Your path towards a sound spiritual being is something very personal and carries your own taste of life. Only you decided on that path towards spirituality and you to tread it. Only you can nurture a sound spiritual being that’s most representative to you.

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Inspirational Prayer

candle-471821_1280Praying is one activity telling you you’re alive. One that pours life into your life, connecting to your Creator, your Lord, asking of all that you want and need, and speaking your mind and heart out!  Here’s one prayer I have stumbled upon and have found very inspirational, regardless of the religion of its sayer, it’s an inspirational prayer to approach Almighty Allah…

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My view of the Law of Attraction: Interview on LOA Today

41eeUB5+M9L._SL500_SS500_Late in January, I was approached by LOA Today (Law of Attraction Today) who kindly asked to host me in an Interview on their Online Radio show carrying the same name to discuss my view of The Law of Attraction, Rhonda’s book “The Secret” as a Muslim and writer who wrote a lot about Islam and related subjects.

It was a good chance to put right much misconception that sprouted and spread with the massive debate the publication of “The Secret” stirred some 7 years ago or so.I’ve written twice about the Law of Attraction, once in 2008 and that was in a LIfestyle Magazine, and another on the online portal I launched a couple of years ago (The Muslim Tribune: I found it interesting to present the Islamic view of the notion of the law of attraction and in which way does it fit within the Islamic doctrine and the Muslims’ perception of fate, life and divine wisdom.

The famous quote of The Secret: “What you think about you bring about”- reflects to a great extent the core of the Law of Attraction, the essence of the book and referred to by its authors as “the most powerful law in the universe”.

In my view, the foremost idea that represents the core of The Secret is that one should watch his thinking and avoid indulgence in negative thoughts and negative events; i.e. fear! I see it not contradicting the Islamic faith in anyway. On the contrary it demonstrates a very important idea in Islam, that is optimism and applying positive thinking. If one is focussing all the time on the upsetting thoughts and incidents in life life, he’ll continue receiving depressing things. Whereas if he’s focusing on the good things then he’s more exposed to the possibility of receiving more good events. I.e. his thoughts are like a magnet, and according to the Law of Attraction, “likes attract likes”.

The reason the law of attraction and The Secret were received with such harsh criticism among some Muslim communities is perhaps more related to the flawed assertion of an absolute power hidden in human beings and that they are, alone, responsible for the happenings befalling them.

According to The Secret, “your life is a mirror of your thoughts”, and thus you’re the one who’s responsible for what happens to you, whether it’s good or bad. Surely I oppose the absoluteness of this statements yet cannot deny the fact that it is to a great extent true and  can actually relate it to one beautiful Hadith Qudusi wherein Allah says:

“I am as My servant expects Me to be”.
Related by al-Buhkari (also by Muslim, at-Tirmidhi and Ibn-Majah)

Also the book explains that you first need to know what you want to happen to you then ask for it (step number one to enact the law of attraction), believe that it will be fulfilled (step number two), then prepare yourself to receive what you wished for and actually visualize yourself getting hold of it and it shall come to you; (step number three).

Replacing what The Secret calls the Universal Power with Allah, you’ll find what it says is somewhat conforming with what Allah commands us; i.e. that we supplicate with conviction and without having any doubts that He will answer our prayers. Allah commands us, Muslims, to avoid any doubtful feelings when supplicating to Him that He is listening and shall fulfil our prayers, as doubt hinders one’s prayers, and that’s the greatest reason our prayers are sometimes not fulfilled.

Another point discussed in The Secret is gratefulness and gratitude. Sure you should feel grateful for the good things in your life and busy your heart and mind with feeling joyous for the great things you already have instead of feeling sorry for those you don’t have. The Secret says that by so doing, you’re inviting more events to befall you. Again avoiding the absolute control of human power alluded to here, this is more or less conforms with what Allah says in the Quran;

“And when your Lord warned: If you are grateful I shall increase My favors upon you …” – Qur’an (14:7)

There is so much to Islam and its positive impact on life that needs to be explored and yet we miss out on by failing to recognise the great wisdom of Allah.

Have absolute faith in Allah and His power and wisdom. This is The Secret to a good life!!!

Listen to my interview on LOA Today Here



Create Your Own Life Experience.. Embrace Your Destiny

Don’t live in the shadow of others- this is not life. Don’t prison yourself in others’ perception of life. Don’t live someone else’s life. Don’t miss your own goals in life. And most importantly, don’t enforce deadliness upon your life.

Simply put, you ought to create your own life experience. You were brought to life to occupy a certain place, cause a certain impact, and share in the overall process of developing life on Planet Earth, this is one common duty befalling all of us fellow humans.

Your potential is never enacted unless you realise it. Sometimes people pop up into your life to help you locate your potential and true talent. But that’s not guaranteed and you should not rely on that. You are the one responsible for your life and how you wish to go about your dreams and intended goal in it. Rely on nobody but your one and only Lord, Allah the Almighty. He is all you need, if you dealt by logic and did your homework of trying to know your role in life and upheld it.

Do not regret or fear the time you need to spend with yourself to take one single step forward. The time you invest in connecting to your inner self and thinking wisely about your own view of life and how you wish to live it up will facilitate your way all through your journey to success, happiness and ultimate fulfilment. Whereas acting without much understanding of yourself and imbibing a unique perception would mean wandering in bewilderment, partially failing and partially living some other person’s life, someone who is not you, and the result, either you’re depressed, feel worthless, or envy those who found their way.

Know that feeling content, joyous and lively is tightly connected to your sense of achievement, itself depending on your potential and your own unique pursuit in life. Have you ever seen a successful person who doesn’t know his true talent? Have you ever came across a person who’s leading a force that’s forced upon him, copying the life of someone else, even dressed like him or her, and speak like him or her and still feels happy and content? That’s not even a possibility.

Be wise, and know that the time you’ll spend searching your soul for what it truly wants and its perception of life will consequently lead you locate your true potential, imbibe in you a self-love and eagerness to achieve and courage to create your life experience.

Know that your potential is the role intended for you in life. So when you get the two deciphered, only then will you be able to embrace your destiny joyously and contently … This is what happiness has come to mean!!

Having read this, do not waste one single day without applying it and walking your way, assuredly, towards your destiny and fulfilment.



Bitter Sweet Revelations!

Looking for signs all the time and everywhere is like trying to decipher life truths and riddles, managing to capture some and failing to grasps many others. Some may be good, or actually bad, others can be shocking.

But then again they’re revelations and you need them as you need to breath, as they shall guide you all through the course of your path and answer your most intriguing questions.

Life never ceases to uncover shocking revelations, much needed revelations which as as true as your existence in this life. Revelations that have been hidden somewhere, sometime, and for some reason.

Let them be secrets or otherwise, good or bad, about people or things!

They may as well relate to some hidden talent of yours which you were never made to see, connect to or recognize. And when you settle for the truth, train yourself to cherish it and find joy only in it, you gain great power and earn much peace of mind, for only then, the good and the bad seem alike, in a positive way.

Your concern becomes deeply rooted in being relieved by the truth, and this is what I came here to highlight as bitter sweet revelation.

Your sole purpose in life and your only source of joy becomes “the truth”.. that is the light you tend to seek after, persistently, all through your life.

Gibran once put it beautifully;“

“When you are joyous, look deep into your heart and you shall find it is only that which has given you sorrow that is giving you joy. When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight.”




I Saw Allah through my Heartsight

This form of Munajah I use in here, and which differs a bit from my previous Munajat, sums up a great deal of my life in the search for an interpretation to many calls inside me, calls that may seem to have different voices but were all coming from the same destination, they were heavenly calls to know that my pursuit should be a seashore for the feeble heart and my path should be reaching out to Allah, in whichever way.

May we all find a way to Connect to the One, for it’s during those very precious moments when we vividly feel the presence of the Almighty around us as though we can see Him… when we feel the well-aspired Wasl, or Link that breathes life into our needy souls.

Oh Allah… It was during the early stages of my life when I started facing what I back then perceived as serious setbacks and I claimed to be strong enough not to refer to anybody for support but I knocked at Your door and I found You.

I stood before You exposing my vulnerability which I skillfully hid form others, yet again I found You, pouring Your Merciful Blessings to heal my wounds, shielding me with Your holy cloak of Kindness that made me seek no one else but You.

I was Young, weak and fearful, but I found You .. to fill the void that separated me from my being.

I sought out to You and I never ceased to find You.

I rose up again, lively triumphant and still I found You, happy to see me rejoicing the end of lengthy woes combat…

I rose up strong, yet growing more needy of You,

And yet again I found You.

As though there’s a vow, a deal we stuck together, that whenever I seek Thou help I’d find Thee

It was on that morning I woke up to the warmth of the Sunrays You ordered to reach me and rub my shoulders.

And I was lively happy again, like a flower watered by Thou Love.

Sometimes I asked why is it that You order destiny to stand in the way of me referring to a friend to open up in the seek out for comfort…

Some other times I found it hard to comprehend why You tend to prolong my cure.

And I knew, assured, that this was for me to know that there’s no soothing hand but Yours.

Now, as I stand at Your door, I confess, You are my sole Power.

People ask why I am overly secretive, rarely seek help, I guess here I provide the answer… I have found the Ultimate source of support, the ultimate power that transcends by order from You; The Supreme in Greatness… The Granter of Security… The Bestower of Honor and The Humiliator!

It just amazed me and still does how close You always be.

At the time I fell sad I found You..

And when I rose up healed I’d still find You

Who or what else I would need?

My heart went out for things, wishes and others, but it came back to find You.

When I feared I found You.

I got fulfilled to know You.

I wavered to seek out to You, and still.. found You.

The more You draw me near, the more I need You.

I traveled seeking a new homeland and I found You.

And when I felt this was not it I still found You.

I traveled all the distance back to start all over again, and I found You.

Everything changed but never You.

I sought out differently each time, and yet every time I found You.

I lived as a sincere introvert, and I found the great company in You

I got out to live among others, but then again I ran to You.

I grew up.. changed a bit.. got busier may be, but I always return to You,

To find You always watching over.

And at times when I got distracted and the distance between us grew bigger,

You sent gentle reminders upon me that it’s been a while since I last appealed to You.

And I’d heed the sign,

To come back again and still find You.

Running to You, I realize how I long for those dear moments of Connection You bestow upon me…

At times of extreme hardships I found You waiting for me to ask and You’d always Give.

And at merry times You never ceased to remind me that what I enjoy is from You,

So I’d thank and You’d Give.. even more.

Years have passed and I grew older and yet more needy of You.

I lived a lot, reaching a point where I wonder why I went all that long way and what for, the answer is yet to come,
And I’d continue to ask You.

Your Holy Words dictate that You created Mankind and Jinns to worship You,

And we’d still go astray,

And You’d still forgive,

I went to explore nature and I found You.

I found You among the graceful mountains,

Where you revealed Your Divine Self upon Your Messengers

And spoke to them.

I resorted to meditation,

But I found in You a better resort.

I read about human laws and flaws and I found You.

I found You in my words, thoughts and senses.

I met with great minds and dark hearts, pure and ailing souls.. those who’re successful and those still needy of Thou Guidance to show them the way, and I found them all on the seek out for Thou Mercy to beckon their footsteps, but each in his own way, even when they not the least realize it.

I met nobody who’s not in need of You.

I found You in all beauties.

And on every spot of land I found You.

Everything around me changes,

And yet continues to change,

But never You.

May You always instill Thou Love in my humble heart,

And never deny me those Wasl moments I live with Thee,

It’s those moments that breath life into my life,

Bless me with Your Love till my last breath.



Love; The Rumi Way


     Love does speak itself out, no matter how hard one tends to conceal it. 

“A man in love, no matter what he says; The smell of love wafts love-ward from his mouth” (1)

But what is love? One of the most difficult questions asked to mankind.

Beyond any labeling, it is that which is said to be driven by inside imploring to unite with the Beloved and the core value of all goods and the dynamo keeping humans going; the Elixir of life!

Centuries ago, the Sufis, particularly poets, and primarily Mevlana Jalaluddin Mohamed Rumi, offered a universal interpretation of Love, placing it as the original seed of creation, a hidden power bringing all the elements of the Created Beings together, and keeping the cycle of life “alive”.

Mevlana Rumi invented the school of descriptive ecstasies, highlighting the mysteries of love for all seasons of all kinds, referring to it as the core seed of this mysterious human quality as the vigor feeding the cycle of life, the pursuit of Union with the Beloved and the ‘wholeness’ between the Lover and the Beloved that creates this experience.

Nonetheless, raw Love remains unclearly defined, with an inclination once towards pain, and another towards ecstasy- It’s the grief and the pleasure bounded- the madness and the utter wisdom that only such this highly controversial element of heart is able to harness.

It’s the mystic urge to rejoin the spirit of divinity that guided Rumi to explore Love within his own self, leading to the most sophisticated, yet the most illuminating of all explanations of this tender human-inherent quality and “Force”- Love.

“Were it not for the ocean of pure love 
What reason would I have to forge the heavens?” (2)

 Romantic love? Mystic love?

Rumi started the unique language of earthly love, put in his prose and poetry, affected largely by the language of wine poetry, that portrays the transcendental mystic encounter, in which the worshipper’s presence fades within his spiritual being in a pursuit for reunion with the Divne.

For Rumi, Love is the “Astrolabe of the divine mysteries”  (3)

The revered Persian poet’s elucidation of Love is based on the linkage between the soul and heart, creating a strong rush for the need of the Light of Love, and it does include the type of worldly or Romantic Love. It’s the kind of love which happens to be deprived of any impacts associated with Culture, Heritage or even Cult or Religion.

Since humanity was first created, and over the centuries, life encountered lovers and lovers… Those who met and those whose destiny stood in their way..

Those who happily lived together, and those who decided to separate. Lovers who were courageous enough to confess their feelings, and those who kept it for themselves… Lovers who made one another happy, and others who were a reason for many misfortunes in each others’ lives… Lovers and lovers whom across the centuries set new gist for love and those who marked the changes which cultures and civilizations carve in … 

It’s a persisting call we’re continuously poised for and never tend to stop, for it’s indeed intrinsic in our genes.

Rumi’s interpretation, which some mistakenly limited to Mystic Love, is more of an enlightenment of the natural make up of Love, the raw of such type of emotion. His construal of this feeling is void of any inclination to any ambitions or end.

It’s the type of Love we all long for and seek out in many ways, each according to his own “Hawa”, the Arabic word for proclivity. Love has been and will continue to be valued .. promoted by religions- within certain boundaries and frames- and definitely celebrated by humans as the sweet taste of life keeping us going through the most challenging times.

Whatever rationalization offered remains narrow, for the true meaning and magnitude of Love is locked up in our hearts, hard to put in human language and too massive to contain in phrasal description.

But simply put; it is and shall always be the raw and magnificent beauty of the heart, the original seed which was planted in mankind to desire, populate as well as Transcend to reach Divine Wisdom and embrace Faith.

True love shall always remain that which sends warm vibes to the connected, that which is intense, accepting and unending.. That which, when confessed, cures.

It’s the Platonic, Familial, Divine, and Obscure Love. It’s a seed that’s planted in different gardens, reaping varying fruits, depending on the soil.

(1) Masnavi 1: 2880-82
(2) Masnavi 1: 110
(3) Masnavi 5: 2739

Maha Youssuf
Published this month in Euphoria Magazine  


Gemstones: Tote Up & Explore More of Life Bliss

precious-1432335_640.jpgThe need to equilibrium our desires with our potentials; thus healing all sorts of our spiritual aches has never been more intriguing than nowadays.

Here lies the power and merits of Gemstones, the healing impacts of which stretch to cover all kinds of boosters and healing specs of whatever types of spiritual aches, personal drawbacks, as well as life complexities- with their varying imperatives.

Gems, pebbles of varying shapes and sizes, are mostly minerals, some of which are quite popular while others are only well known among those who trade them as well as energy healers and those who deal with alternative medicines.

While some may value particular gemstones for their looks and colors, their spiritual impacts and energy stimulations remain the core value that renders them essential at varying extents, depending on your need of them.
Among these stones:

Almost similar to Quartz in composition and physical properties, Agate is said to be a stone of new beginnings- a stone that helps refreshing the soul, helping you in new challenges and the toughest of them all, for it renews your potential and wards off whatever blockage in the flow of energy that strengthens you soul. Its color is a mixture of green, blue, brown, red, and yellow.

A blue, green stone that is said to open the heart Chakra allowing in love and related emotions. It also fixes one at his center that is to say, regain well-needed balances and absorbing stresses in all its forms, and that’s why it’s believed to facilitate communication.

A purple shaded stone is known for its powerful spiritual vibration that makes it a great healer and cleanser of soul, body and mind, stimulating the three. It’s a good shield against negative energy.

The famous blue stone with the beautiful waves’ colors varying between blue and green, is known as a good source of courage and tranquility, also a good trigger of positive emotions such as trust and sympathy.

Known as The Warrior Stone and consists of Quartz grains, with reddish and yellowish taints.  Bloodstone is a rich source of mystical and spiritual powers that absorb one’s feelings of fear and spiritual disorders.

A multi-colored crystal, sometimes blue, green, red, mangano, yellow, pink and orange, others Carnelian and White, Calcite is known as a catalyst of energy and effectiveness in whichever area of one’s life. Also a good booster of one’s psychic protection, Calcite is usually used in meditation as it helps connecting one’s spiritual being to his intelligence, creating emotional and spiritual intelligence.

Is known to be a potential soul cleanser that rejuvenates the flow of positive energy and eliminates any possible blockage, and that’s why it’s said to be also a very good energizer and a great booster of psychic power. Citrine is also known as a good protector against negative energy and thus can shield you against other’s spiritual abuse. It takes different colors varying between pure yellow to brownish yellow and light gold

Not just a beautiful stone pursued by all ladies seeking its mesmerizing look, it’s also a good energizer of love and all related emotions, and that’s why it’s said to be a good booster of love relationships and marriage. Also it’s whitish transparent color is a symbol of purity and innocence.

Is a semi transparent green stone that instills emotional, mental and spiritual balance. It’s also known as a good booster of recovery from many illnesses. It helps curing rheumatism, diabetes. It’s also said to be a powerful antidote to poison, and improves vision.

Gives a good boost to confidence, particularly self-confidence, and a powerful protector against negativity and all related weaknesses. Garnet is also said to be a good cleanser of Chakras, and thus a strong energizer. It’s also believed to be a good alarm against approaching dangers. It has various colors: Brown, red, orange, yellow, green, pink, and black.

Is yellowish, white, creamy stone, with varying shades and sometimes blue and green tints. Moonstone is said to instill harmony between relationships. It’s also known as the stone of good beginnings.

Is known as a good absorber of tension and stress and thus helps instilling spiritual calmness. It’s also known as the wisdom stone. Its colors are: Blue, green, black, purple, and yellow.

A rich stone that takes various shapes and colors, each color carries special benefits; For Example Blue Quartz helps clearing the mind. Pink Quartz helps receiving and triggering emotions of love and thus is associated with all works of the heart. And Snow or White Quartz helps you go beyond your limitations and combat the feelings of fear and being burdened.

The famous blue greenish stone is also known to be as a purifying stone and a powerful enhancer of friendships. Turquoise also enhances the body’s physical and psychic immune system, and a good anti-depressant as it fights mood swings and instills spiritual calmness, the lack of which cases all sorts of depression with varying levels of severity.

Is believed to be a good soul cleanser and balancer that also helps in recovering from major illnesses.

  • Birthstones

Birthstones are gemstones associated with each of the year’s 12 months, according to the height of their healing powers, based on the belief that gemstones, whether precious or semi precious, attain their healing powers from cosmic energies absorbed from various planets the power of which, reaches the peak at a particular times of the year.

The tradition of wearing the gemstone associated with the month you’re born in seeking luck, goes back to the 1st century CE, and was first adopted in Poland during the 18th century.

Here’s a list of the 12 months’ birthstones as they are commonly acknowledged:

Month It’s Birthstone
January Garnet
February Amethyst
March Aquamarine and Bloodstone
April Diamond and White Sapphire
May Emerald
June Pearl and Moonstone
July Ruby
August Peridot
September Sapphire
October Opal, Tourmaline, and Pink Sapphire
November Topaz and Citrine
December Turquoise
  • Shapes

While a great portion of gemstones beauty value lies in their colors, their shapes and cuts play a central role in their brilliant looks.

Pointed, cone-shaped, rounded, multi-layered, and bubbly, gemstones come in various shapes and contours with different spiritual inferences and a variety of powers, but the most common shapes are: The Square Shape, The Pyramid Shape, The Egg Shape, The Natural Point, Clusters, Geode, The Ball Shape, Vogel-Type Wand, Elestial, Manifestation, Large and Reversed Scepter, Time Link, and Diamond Window.

The cutting technique also can add or water down their values and their credited impacts alike.

  • Gemstones and Crystal Healing

Given their widely acknowledged and recognized powers, Gemstones are used as a source of medication, harnessing their potential in a watchable and pursued way.

Presently, they are used in very unique conventional and alternative healing practices that use such gems to evoke certain sources of energy in various areas of the body, basically by placing them on the body’s different chakra centers (energy centers), in a way that catalyses the flow of particular energy, directing it in a way that would balance the patient’s entire spiritual being and addresses, equally, physical and mental aches.

Chakras, or energy centers in the body are in general associated with colors that represent the stones, or the Crystals that evoke that particular type of energy.

The First Chakra, sometimes referred to as the Root Chakra, and represented by the color Red, is positioned at the base of the spine. Being situated at the center of the organs in this particular area of the body made it responsible for the basic human survival functions.

The Second Chakra, represented by the Orange Color is positioned slightly below belly button, and connected to the sexual organs, the reproductive system and thus relates to the sexual needs and wants.

The Third Chakra, sometimes referred to as the Yellow Chakra is located at the center of the Abdomen and sometimes called the Solar Plexus Chakra. It represents the body’s center of determination and will.

The Fourth Chakra, represented by the color Green and located near the heart position is, as its position may imply, responsible for the feelings of love and compassion.

The Fifth Chakra, lying right at the throat, is the center of creativity and is represented by the blue color, and thus is sometimes referred to as the Blue Chakra.

The Sixth Chakra, positioned at the third eye is more connected to the mind work and self- awareness and referred to as the Violet Chakra.

The Seventh Chakra is The Crown Chakra- located at the top of the head, and represents wisdom. It’s associated with the white color. Some, however, link it to Violet , but it’s widely recognized as associate it with White.

Wearing the particular gemstones meant for the healing case can also practice Crystal healing. They can also be placed in bed, put in a person’s bath or clothes in a way that would grant permanent attachment to the patient, or the person seeking certain cure.

Now even after listing all possible benefits gemstones represent and elucidating many of their secrets and mysteries, the belief in their powers remains a choice, a concept you may wish or refuse to endorse, all depending on many factors all engaged in the personal make up of individuals, with all their diversities and dissimilarities.

Like any other conventional practice or New Age concepts and beliefs, the sways of gemstones remain trapped between true believers in their impacts and those who deem them “just beautiful jewels”.

I first published it in Euphoria Magazine…


Fight Off Winter Blues; Make It a Season to Remember

Winter; a season commonly perceived as time for winding down and pondering over what has took place during the course of the very busy season preceding it, that is active Summer and to a relative extent; Autumn. Such shift from active time of the year to a gray-colored one might leave you with some irritabilities and unexplained mood blues.

Like mood swings are mostly related to certain hormonal imbalances, season blues are generally believed to be caused by the prevailing and evident weather changes that cause imbalances which, in most cases, are similar to mood swings’ symptoms.

When you don’t work your body in frequent activities your mind usually takes the lead in pouring some thinking homeworks on you, which may lead you to over analyzing situations and pondering over matters that shouldn’t really consume much of your thinking. Such process, according to you inner mind, sort of justifies your unexplained feeling of unhappiness, that’s why you keep tracked in this dilemma, letting it reap havoc of your spiritual tranquility time and time again, taking various forms and triggered by different reasons.

There’s much more of what we label “Winter Depression or Mood Storms”, but lack of activities is more or less the core of all troubles. It’s the sudden stillness of life surrounding you that leaves these gray shades hovering over your once bright sky.

The weather conditions indeed stand as an influential factor in the way we feel during winter, but some enthusiasm can still shift what seems to be the source of depression into one of tranquil joy and entertainment, it’s the need to adapt to such season that makes it either enjoyable or unbelievably depressing.

Keeping your soul as high as it was during Summer takes a lot of energy and has two ways of combating its disorders…

First, Spiritual Exercises: and that through investing more time in uplifting and pampering the fragile spiritual being inside you- For example setting new resolutions that would help you have something to look forward to and rejuvenates what’s remaining of your energy. Also Yoga can have a sensed impact

Also trying to pinpoint the triggers and energy boosters that kept you going during summer is advisable. You may as well try and locate the core source of your soul aches- whether you do have problems or you only feel heavy will eliminate your confusion and unexplained sense of burden.

Secondly by enacting some practical measures. For example… having weekly outing plans.

Also sporting more regularly and being engaged in activities, team, charity or volunteer work, as much as possible and in a way that suits you more, will give you a sense of living fulfillment, and add more meaning to your life. Concerts also tend to have a credited mood uplifting impacts…

Winter blues can also be fought through food; that’s to say either through breaking meals routine or your food types, focusing more on dietary elements known to be effective mood boosters, and I shall list a few in the following lines.

You can for example include more juices, dine with friends or neighbors if possible… or actually colleagues… Organize picnics and trips, let them be safaris, hiking trips if possible, bird watching, walks, or even sightseeing.

Particular foods and vitamins are said to be good mood boosters, that instill happiness and joy. Such foods include coffee, carbohydrates and whatever elements that are rich in amino acid. Also Milk, Avocado, and whole-grain breads to mention a few.

Moreover, drinking a considerable amount of water daily is said to be a good catalyst in warding off mood swings and stress…

Not just that… reading some few pages of the holy book of your religion has proved to give one’s soul much of the comfort it lacks, for it provides the sense of assurance it needs.

Bottom line, enjoying the milder things of life during Winter, something the overly exciting and busy season of Summer never allowed much time for…

An accurate look into Winter changes can help you adapt to its unpleasant impacts that may hit you, and a more wise look into its uniqueness will get you make the best use of its relatively contemplative nature, something active seasons miss out on big time. But a more optimistic look into the realm of quietness Winter tends to create will trigger joy and enjoyment for the privacy it provides you with, time of your own, to connect to your deeper self and encounter new sides of your being.

Let me quote Ruth Stout when he speaks about Winter…

Ruth says: “There is a privacy about it which no other season gives you…. In spring, summer and fall people sort of have an open season on each other; only in the winter, in the country, can you have longer, quiet stretches when you can savor belonging to yourself.”

Winter can be a time of relief rather than a time of irritability and boredom, an invitation to ponder rather than a forced pause of continuous activities…

Applying some or all of the methods discussed above may indeed help, with the aid of the right diet, but what would surely lift you from a deep emotional setback is a more willing You, it’s You and how you intend to spend that particular time of the year that will determine if you’re going to spend it in varying stages of despair or live it to the max and spare it for more joy that is well-deserved.

Ok, so it’s your call I remind you- You chose how to live the season: reminiscing over bad memories, or making the best out of it. Your heart sometimes needs the permission of your mind to act in a particular way, so your mind work shall to a great extent influence the way your heart feels, making it joyous or poignant.

And I’m sure none of us can afford losing one entire season without displaying his best and demonstrating his true talents. So make it a season to remember.

May we all have a very pleasant and warm Winter…

Maha Youssuf
– First published in Euphoria Magazine