The Fruit of Love

You reap the fruit of love, whether you’re the recipient or the giver of love. Love, whether given or received, is of a great healing impact on one’s heart and soul. When you receive love, you enjoy the feeling of being eligible of someone’s love, regardless of what kind of love it may be. Continue reading “The Fruit of Love”


If You’re Self- Conscious, then You’re Not the Least Conscious about Yourself

Inside each one of us there’s a centre, like the mid point of a circle, forming its core and giving it shape. This centre, is your essence, your true self, and believe it or not it’s the version which, when you best embrace, you feel your best. Continue reading “If You’re Self- Conscious, then You’re Not the Least Conscious about Yourself”


Learning: An Endless Journey

female-865110_1920What is learning but a leap into an abundant pool of unexplored realities?

You decipher one aspect and let go of a slight share of ignorance that you’ve always had.

You add to your mind a bit of knowledge and get out a similar bit of ignorance, and continue doing so until you no more exist, and not until you no more think that you’re in need of more.

For when it comes to learning, a process that never ends: “I got my share of knowledge” is an illusion that tends to stop you from tapping into that abundance of light, wisdom and perception.

You know more to only know that you need to know more, and so on and so forth.
You know and know, but never stop to need to know.
This is how it goes.

But one fact that resonates amongst the learners’ life is that the more you know the more you’re able to locate your presence in life, the more you know of it and the more you know of yourself.

Knowing yourself was never an easy task for the majority of us.
It’s a blessing that we’re given when we strive to know who we really are, and only achieve when we’re connected; to our highest self and to our Creator, our Lord.

So set off on an everlasting journey of learning and never let go of your right to “Know”.
Life is a lot more good when we “know it”



On the Value of Contemplation

beach-394503_1920Nothing helped me get closer to where I want to be, after Dua, than practicing contemplation and reflecting upon my inner thinking. You talk and talk and talk about your aspirations and share your dreams with others, but nothing sharpens your thought like talking them over with yourself and contemplating them, as well as your surroundings.

Contemplation in general has this virtue of establishing the connection between your conscious and sub-conscious self, your thinking and your feeling, between you and yourself.

So this is where you first need to be; just at the centre of yourself.

There you can move freely and navigate through your soul, whether you’re primarily a thinker or generally a feeler.

Then comes contemplation over your thoughts and wishes, which helps you understand them more and take them a step further from being far fetched, to being a possibility and then a reality God willing!

You don’t achieve what you want unless you know what it is and really want it! Only then you head in the proper direction.

Contemplation makes you feel in control over yourself and more familiar with life.

Without contemplation you feel tangled in a maze of thoughts. Do contemplate so that you move from the stage of wanting, thinking and needing to that of achieving!

Let me share with you this inspirational thought by Harlem Toomer.

“Talk about it only enough to do it. Dream about it only enough to feel it. Think about it only enough to understand it. Contemplate it only enough to be it”

Do contemplate for the sake of yourself!



On Finding a Purpose in Life

chaos-485492_1280One question that overwhelms and persists in the mind of everyone of us is ‘what’s the purpose I have in life’, apart of the bigger question of what is all humans’ purpose of life.

Developing the need to know and recognising the necessity to find an answer for this question is in itself a sign of achieving a considerable extent of self awareness and developing a better understanding of life.

I’ve mentioned many times here on my journal and in other writings that our prime aim and mission on earth is upholding the legacy of vicegerency .. Yes we are God’s vicegerents on earth. But there’s  a deeper level of vicegerency, one that has to do with the passion and the prime potential you’ve got within, your divine tool to serve humanity and uphold your higher aim and mission on earth. This is the you, your core planted within yourself, partially to get a clue about where to head for and partially to uphold a job better done by you than others, and the result.. yes, a nation better served through that role you think to be too little to recognise or be recognised. Continue reading “On Finding a Purpose in Life”


Peace is Deep within

peace-1107538_1920.jpgWalk into your heart,
Sigh.. breathe, you’re in!
Fetch that eclipsed spot of light,
Reside therein!

This is where you belong,
Where you will complete the song,
Your heart knows best,
Your heart is the most honest!

Take refuge in it, feel at home,
Revive the long deserted connection,
With the One, your Creator, your home.
Lost is he who forsake the connection.

He knows who is in need of peace,
He is the Creator of peace
He is the one and only,
Bestower of peace.

Look into your heart,
For that clot therein.
Never turn your back to your heart,
For peace is, indeed, deep within.



There’s More to Life than “Breathing”!

lady-865086_1920I’ve seen people whose only bond to life is breathing!
YES they do breathe, and may seem alive, but in reality, they’re moving corpses.
Dead hearts.. Frozen minds that only react to a set of recurring events.
If you think this is life.. no this is not life. Continue reading “There’s More to Life than “Breathing”!”


Inspirational Prayer

candle-471821_1280Praying is one activity telling you you’re alive. One that pours life into your life, connecting to your Creator, your Lord, asking of all that you want and need, and speaking your mind and heart out!  Here’s one prayer I have stumbled upon and have found very inspirational, regardless of the religion of its sayer, it’s an inspirational prayer to approach Almighty Allah…

Continue reading “Inspirational Prayer”


On Being A Woman

How blessed I am to be a woman?!
This is how I feel and this is one feeling every woman should imbibe and nurture with love, gratitude, tenderness and contentment. Creating this sense of gratefulness and acceptance in yourself will help you embrace all merits granted to your gender as ordained by your creator, Almighty Allah. You were born to be a woman for a reason, for a purpose. Having this belief deeply rooted in your perception will foster a wise understanding of the role intended for you in this life, just for being a woman. Continue reading “On Being A Woman”


Get up.. Feel Inspired

tea-381235_1920Tap into you conscious and sub-consious mind, also your heart, do you feel inspired?
“Yes” is a normal good answer to be followed by active measures in life towards what you seek to achieve.

“No”, then you’ve got to do something about it.. Don’t wait for an element of inspiration to lighten up before your eyes and invites you over. You create your own source of inspiration. Continue reading “Get up.. Feel Inspired”


My view of the Law of Attraction: Interview on LOA Today

41eeUB5+M9L._SL500_SS500_Late in January, I was approached by LOA Today (Law of Attraction Today) who kindly asked to host me in an Interview on their Online Radio show carrying the same name to discuss my view of The Law of Attraction, Rhonda’s book “The Secret” as a Muslim and writer who wrote a lot about Islam and related subjects.

It was a good chance to put right much misconception that sprouted and spread with the massive debate the publication of “The Secret” stirred some 7 years ago or so.I’ve written twice about the Law of Attraction, once in 2008 and that was in a LIfestyle Magazine, and another on the online portal I launched a couple of years ago (The Muslim Tribune: I found it interesting to present the Islamic view of the notion of the law of attraction and in which way does it fit within the Islamic doctrine and the Muslims’ perception of fate, life and divine wisdom.

The famous quote of The Secret: “What you think about you bring about”- reflects to a great extent the core of the Law of Attraction, the essence of the book and referred to by its authors as “the most powerful law in the universe”.

In my view, the foremost idea that represents the core of The Secret is that one should watch his thinking and avoid indulgence in negative thoughts and negative events; i.e. fear! I see it not contradicting the Islamic faith in anyway. On the contrary it demonstrates a very important idea in Islam, that is optimism and applying positive thinking. If one is focussing all the time on the upsetting thoughts and incidents in life life, he’ll continue receiving depressing things. Whereas if he’s focusing on the good things then he’s more exposed to the possibility of receiving more good events. I.e. his thoughts are like a magnet, and according to the Law of Attraction, “likes attract likes”.

The reason the law of attraction and The Secret were received with such harsh criticism among some Muslim communities is perhaps more related to the flawed assertion of an absolute power hidden in human beings and that they are, alone, responsible for the happenings befalling them.

According to The Secret, “your life is a mirror of your thoughts”, and thus you’re the one who’s responsible for what happens to you, whether it’s good or bad. Surely I oppose the absoluteness of this statements yet cannot deny the fact that it is to a great extent true and  can actually relate it to one beautiful Hadith Qudusi wherein Allah says:

“I am as My servant expects Me to be”.
Related by al-Buhkari (also by Muslim, at-Tirmidhi and Ibn-Majah)

Also the book explains that you first need to know what you want to happen to you then ask for it (step number one to enact the law of attraction), believe that it will be fulfilled (step number two), then prepare yourself to receive what you wished for and actually visualize yourself getting hold of it and it shall come to you; (step number three).

Replacing what The Secret calls the Universal Power with Allah, you’ll find what it says is somewhat conforming with what Allah commands us; i.e. that we supplicate with conviction and without having any doubts that He will answer our prayers. Allah commands us, Muslims, to avoid any doubtful feelings when supplicating to Him that He is listening and shall fulfil our prayers, as doubt hinders one’s prayers, and that’s the greatest reason our prayers are sometimes not fulfilled.

Another point discussed in The Secret is gratefulness and gratitude. Sure you should feel grateful for the good things in your life and busy your heart and mind with feeling joyous for the great things you already have instead of feeling sorry for those you don’t have. The Secret says that by so doing, you’re inviting more events to befall you. Again avoiding the absolute control of human power alluded to here, this is more or less conforms with what Allah says in the Quran;

“And when your Lord warned: If you are grateful I shall increase My favors upon you …” – Qur’an (14:7)

There is so much to Islam and its positive impact on life that needs to be explored and yet we miss out on by failing to recognise the great wisdom of Allah.

Have absolute faith in Allah and His power and wisdom. This is The Secret to a good life!!!

Listen to my interview on LOA Today Here



Create Your Own Life Experience.. Embrace Your Destiny

Don’t live in the shadow of others- this is not life. Don’t prison yourself in others’ perception of life. Don’t live someone else’s life. Don’t miss your own goals in life. And most importantly, don’t enforce deadliness upon your life.

Simply put, you ought to create your own life experience. You were brought to life to occupy a certain place, cause a certain impact, and share in the overall process of developing life on Planet Earth, this is one common duty befalling all of us fellow humans.

Your potential is never enacted unless you realise it. Sometimes people pop up into your life to help you locate your potential and true talent. But that’s not guaranteed and you should not rely on that. You are the one responsible for your life and how you wish to go about your dreams and intended goal in it. Rely on nobody but your one and only Lord, Allah the Almighty. He is all you need, if you dealt by logic and did your homework of trying to know your role in life and upheld it.

Do not regret or fear the time you need to spend with yourself to take one single step forward. The time you invest in connecting to your inner self and thinking wisely about your own view of life and how you wish to live it up will facilitate your way all through your journey to success, happiness and ultimate fulfilment. Whereas acting without much understanding of yourself and imbibing a unique perception would mean wandering in bewilderment, partially failing and partially living some other person’s life, someone who is not you, and the result, either you’re depressed, feel worthless, or envy those who found their way.

Know that feeling content, joyous and lively is tightly connected to your sense of achievement, itself depending on your potential and your own unique pursuit in life. Have you ever seen a successful person who doesn’t know his true talent? Have you ever came across a person who’s leading a force that’s forced upon him, copying the life of someone else, even dressed like him or her, and speak like him or her and still feels happy and content? That’s not even a possibility.

Be wise, and know that the time you’ll spend searching your soul for what it truly wants and its perception of life will consequently lead you locate your true potential, imbibe in you a self-love and eagerness to achieve and courage to create your life experience.

Know that your potential is the role intended for you in life. So when you get the two deciphered, only then will you be able to embrace your destiny joyously and contently … This is what happiness has come to mean!!

Having read this, do not waste one single day without applying it and walking your way, assuredly, towards your destiny and fulfilment.



Human Wisdom!

As people gradually get exposed to life,
They gradually start putting on layers of masks.

And gradually,
They gain belief in those masks.

But their pain sprouts,
And unwillingly persists.

Also their dilemma,
Mercilessly aggravates.

So they gradually lose faith
In those masks that once replaced their face.

Yearningly they start,
To need their true selves.

Then gradually they start,
To unfold those layers of the masks.

Those layers of falsity they once put on,
Aiming to discover their true selves.

Only then, they gradually gain belief,
In their true selves.. in their hidden treasures!!

–This is the rise, fall, then rise of human wisdom!



Open Letter to Sisters

Dear Sisters,

Know that you’re entrusted with a good share of responsibility and Know you’re up to it, only if you hit the right road.

You were assigned a dear legacy to pass on to future generations.

You were gifted with wisdom upon which depends the order of human societies.

God created you beautiful, so be grateful and take a good care of your beauty,

Maintain it and Protect it.

Act as a Lady,

Walk as a Lady,

Sit as a Lady,

And Talk as a Lady.

Be A Lady…

Serve your parents.

Keep your family connected.

Don’t forget to Supplicate,

It purifies your soul and instils in you a well-needed sense of security.

Be Beautiful, and you shall see beauty in everything,

Bring out beauty in things and people around you.

Always smile, it adds to your beauty.

Don’t shop for the sake of shopping.

Appreciate spirituality.

Have sometime for yourself.

Watch your cravings.

Don’t submit to depression.

Watch what you feed your mind and spirit.

Too much television blocks your creativity.

Be careful with who you seek out for guidance and advice.

Eat well,

Stay healthy,

Watch your weight,

Care for your skin.. hair

And be covered.

Be pious,

A pious mother equals a whole generation of pious men and women.

Be like a Gem, preserved and wrapped for protection

You know, more than anyone else what reveals your physical beauty and what covers it.

Let not sick souls steal evil looks of your beauty,

You’re much previous than that.

Lower your gaze.

Dress modestly, it makes you more valuable like a precious gift covered and not exposed.

Dream no more but rather Aspire

Trigger ambitions inside you and attend to them,

Dead is he/she who has no aim to live up to.

Think Great

Busy your mind with positive thinking,

And your heart with Love

Watch your talk

And chose your words,

Don’t joke much,

It waters down your elegance.

Avoid loud voice,

It bruises your gentleness.

Attend to God’s commands and never resist them,

Contemplate if you wish but never compromise,

Watch your manners.

Speak eloquently.

Be Truthful.

Read a lot.

Dare to speak your values and beliefs,

And don’t compromise,

Just chose the right platform

Be wise.

Accept your limitations

We’re more feelers than thinkers,

We’re emotional.. Nothing wrong about that

But we’re not lunatics, Allah gifted us with good thinking and influential skills,

Have you ever wondered why our wombs were entrusted with carrying humans for nine months, despite our feeble bodies compared to men?

That’s to establish the initial bond, humans’ foremost connection with their life to come.

It’s for us to spark this link which we shall need in raising them,

For we influence more, and indeed impact more.

Heed that and feel proud of it,

Make the best of it.

Embrace your nature and don’t resist it.

Be productive.


And be a source of light for others.

Set a good model.

Feel cared for,

You’re in God’s eyes

Looked after, watched over, and Loved….

Dress well,

Have self-respect.

Value yourself.

Preserve your chastity and remain precious

Stay positive,

Speak positive,

And see the positive side of others.

Be like a flower,

Radiating nice fragrance

And I mean not perfume here,

But tenderness, modesty and purity.

Be calm, assured and help those in need.

Be like a mother, entrusted with the well-being of her child,

Providing care, wisdom, and support.

Be strong, yet gentle.

Don’t forget your’re a Lady.

Don’t mistake boldness with confidence.

Have self-confidence, but never Supercilious

Keep your boundaries and ensure their being respected.

Set the rules and watch them followed.

Don’t compromise a due distance when dealing with guys,

It’s protective for both of you,

Make sure such distance is never breached Or crisscrossed

Do not adhere to a so-called Guy-Lady intimate Friendship, if it ever existed, it brought confusion, problems and pain to one of the sides.

You do a better job stopping that form happening.

It might make them grow attached to you, how would you control that?

On the other hand, what if you developed some crush on one, friend, but he didn’t develop same feelings for you…

Put the distance and do not mind being criticized for keeping a distance.

Friendship has one of two possibilities..

1)Friends growing attached, which is the normal scenario, Or 2) Friends refraining and taking one another lightly.

Can you accept yourself growing attached to a male friend, whom you trust so much, admire his mentality so much, and end-up comparing him to your husband one day?

Or would you aspire for the other possibility? Then I advice you to save yourself the headache.

I see the prevailing confusion and depression among both genders as the outcome of breached boundaries between ladies and guys, despite good intentions.

However I don’t mean the society should split into male and female poles.

But distance is what I come to stress.

Keep the distance and boundaries watched.

Last but not least,


I beg you to please preserve and maintain your Fitra, it’s the best form upon which you were brought to life, so don’t mess with it.

Yours sincerely,