My Heart Is in Mecca

mecca-397943_1920We’re about to celebrate the best days of the year, even better than the 10 concluding days of Ramadan. The blessed 1st Ten days of Dhul Hijjah are about to start, moving our hearts from a state of negligence to that of awareness and our condition from that of disobedience to that of complete submission to the One and Only Lord of the Universe,  Almighty Allah, Exalted be He. So if you cannot be in Mecca this year, allow your heart to fly to its Creator.

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RIP Steve Jobs; You’ve Been Missed

205130-steve-jobs-steve-jobs-r-i-pToday marks the second anniversary of the death of a great source of inspiration for me, Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Inc.
I’ve known Steve not as the renowned Marketer, Entrepreneur, or the mastermind of all amazing Apple machines we use, but the humble sincere man who knew how to connect well to his own self and best employ his potential. He embraced his character instead of faking someone else’s. He created his own live experience, that’s why he managed  to impact his surrounding and far beyond it.

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Letter from a Mother to Her Daughter!

mom-759216_640This is an anonymous letter circulated through the net. Its source is unknown, but its content touched me so deeply, compelling me to share with you <<here>> 
My dear girl, the day you see I’m getting old, I ask you to please be patient, but most of all, try to understand what I’m going through. If when we talk, I repeat the same thing a thousand times, don’t interrupt to say: “You said the same thing a minute ago”… Just listen, please. Try to remember the times when you were little and I would read the same story night after night until you would fall asleep.

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My Take on the Current Political Turmoil in Egypt!

duality-1003292_640I know I must speak up, I know I am expected to speak up, and aware of my responsibility to speak up, being affiliated with “Islamic Awareness” and what relates to it. Well yes I feel the urge to share my standpoint, even though I don’t know how to put it in words. But I’ve also grown so weary of the ranting political jabbering that’s been going on for two years or more, and worse than ever over the past year, since a figure representing an Islam-affiliated  group came to power, and I wish not to echo the repeatedly used and largely erroneous term “Political Islam”, for indeed there’s nothing called or should be called political Islam …

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There’s More to Life than “Breathing”!

lady-865086_1920I’ve seen people whose only bond to life is breathing!
YES they do breathe, and may seem alive, but in reality, they’re moving corpses.
Dead hearts.. Frozen minds that only react to a set of recurring events.
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Inspirational Prayer

candle-471821_1280Praying is one activity telling you you’re alive. One that pours life into your life, connecting to your Creator, your Lord, asking of all that you want and need, and speaking your mind and heart out!  Here’s one prayer I have stumbled upon and have found very inspirational, regardless of the religion of its sayer, it’s an inspirational prayer to approach Almighty Allah…

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On Being A Woman

How blessed I am to be a woman?!
This is how I feel and this is one feeling every woman should imbibe and nurture with love, gratitude, tenderness and contentment. Creating this sense of gratefulness and acceptance in yourself will help you embrace all merits granted to your gender as ordained by your creator, Almighty Allah. You were born to be a woman for a reason, for a purpose. Having this belief deeply rooted in your perception will foster a wise understanding of the role intended for you in this life, just for being a woman. Continue reading “On Being A Woman”


Voices from the Past- Huda Shaarawi

Huda Shaarawi
Huda Shaarawi

This post is a Tribute to the late Muslim Egyptian feminist Huda Shaarawi.

Huda is a woman who helped organize the largest women’s anti-British demonstration in Egypt. A woman who helped organising the historic Muhammad Ali’s hospital, known as Mubarrat Muhammad Ali. Huda is most famous for creating the first philanthropic society run by Egyptian women, offering social services for needy women and poor children. Continue reading “Voices from the Past- Huda Shaarawi”


Get up.. Feel Inspired

tea-381235_1920Tap into you conscious and sub-consious mind, also your heart, do you feel inspired?
“Yes” is a normal good answer to be followed by active measures in life towards what you seek to achieve.

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My view of the Law of Attraction: Interview on LOA Today

41eeUB5+M9L._SL500_SS500_Late in January, I was approached by LOA Today (Law of Attraction Today) who kindly asked to host me in an Interview on their Online Radio show carrying the same name to discuss my view of The Law of Attraction, Rhonda’s book “The Secret” as a Muslim and writer who wrote a lot about Islam and related subjects.

It was a good chance to put right much misconception that sprouted and spread with the massive debate the publication of “The Secret” stirred some 7 years ago or so.I’ve written twice about the Law of Attraction, once in 2008 and that was in a LIfestyle Magazine, and another on the online portal I launched a couple of years ago (The Muslim Tribune: I found it interesting to present the Islamic view of the notion of the law of attraction and in which way does it fit within the Islamic doctrine and the Muslims’ perception of fate, life and divine wisdom.

The famous quote of The Secret: “What you think about you bring about”- reflects to a great extent the core of the Law of Attraction, the essence of the book and referred to by its authors as “the most powerful law in the universe”.

In my view, the foremost idea that represents the core of The Secret is that one should watch his thinking and avoid indulgence in negative thoughts and negative events; i.e. fear! I see it not contradicting the Islamic faith in anyway. On the contrary it demonstrates a very important idea in Islam, that is optimism and applying positive thinking. If one is focussing all the time on the upsetting thoughts and incidents in life life, he’ll continue receiving depressing things. Whereas if he’s focusing on the good things then he’s more exposed to the possibility of receiving more good events. I.e. his thoughts are like a magnet, and according to the Law of Attraction, “likes attract likes”.

The reason the law of attraction and The Secret were received with such harsh criticism among some Muslim communities is perhaps more related to the flawed assertion of an absolute power hidden in human beings and that they are, alone, responsible for the happenings befalling them.

According to The Secret, “your life is a mirror of your thoughts”, and thus you’re the one who’s responsible for what happens to you, whether it’s good or bad. Surely I oppose the absoluteness of this statements yet cannot deny the fact that it is to a great extent true and  can actually relate it to one beautiful Hadith Qudusi wherein Allah says:

“I am as My servant expects Me to be”.
Related by al-Buhkari (also by Muslim, at-Tirmidhi and Ibn-Majah)

Also the book explains that you first need to know what you want to happen to you then ask for it (step number one to enact the law of attraction), believe that it will be fulfilled (step number two), then prepare yourself to receive what you wished for and actually visualize yourself getting hold of it and it shall come to you; (step number three).

Replacing what The Secret calls the Universal Power with Allah, you’ll find what it says is somewhat conforming with what Allah commands us; i.e. that we supplicate with conviction and without having any doubts that He will answer our prayers. Allah commands us, Muslims, to avoid any doubtful feelings when supplicating to Him that He is listening and shall fulfil our prayers, as doubt hinders one’s prayers, and that’s the greatest reason our prayers are sometimes not fulfilled.

Another point discussed in The Secret is gratefulness and gratitude. Sure you should feel grateful for the good things in your life and busy your heart and mind with feeling joyous for the great things you already have instead of feeling sorry for those you don’t have. The Secret says that by so doing, you’re inviting more events to befall you. Again avoiding the absolute control of human power alluded to here, this is more or less conforms with what Allah says in the Quran;

“And when your Lord warned: If you are grateful I shall increase My favors upon you …” – Qur’an (14:7)

There is so much to Islam and its positive impact on life that needs to be explored and yet we miss out on by failing to recognise the great wisdom of Allah.

Have absolute faith in Allah and His power and wisdom. This is The Secret to a good life!!!

Listen to my interview on LOA Today Here



Hands !

I’ve always been obsessed with the idea of hands..
For me they’re standalone living creatures rather than mere organs in the human body.
You can tell a story with your hands.

Hands issue a warning.. tab a shoulder.. capture images.. stop harm.. carry a baby.. and salute others; remotely!

With hands one writes, telling all he’s got in his mind and heart.

You say what your tongue may be reluctant to communicate.
Hands are but a bliss.

A gift from God.

Hands’ gestures are just amazing, and can be an efficient method of communication, without offences (unless you mean to).

Hands drive.. hands produce.. hands raised in supplication, and others wiping tears, your tears or other people’s tears.

Hands do tell a lot about personalities. They are personalities on their own.

Hands raised supplicating to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds..
Hands painting beautiful scenes.
Hands cleaning up and hands tossing dirts.
Hands making war, and hands cleaning their debris.
Hands holding books to read, and others flipping aimlessly through their pages.
Hands building, and others causing destruction.
Hands planting seeds, and others rooting them out.

Hands speak a lot of their people- they can’t but tell the truth.
Yes, you tend to read people’s personalities through their hands, and I’m not in any way referring to palmistry.

Soft hands speak of luxury and relaxed life.
Hard hands speak of a tough life that mostly depends on physical work and effort.
There are nervous hands, and calm/ assured hands.
There are artistic hands that are thin with long fingers…
There are fashionable hands that got colored-nail polish, and you may differentiate them from maintained hands that are moisture yet not looking like Barbie’s

Hands are powerful, they form a direct tool of communicating with the outer world.
The hands- universe relation is one of direct cause and effect nature..
You either place something on a table well, or drop it off, there is not a third possibility.

Watch you hands and those of others, they speak a very unique language and can help you penetrate through people’s minds and get to know what is not spoken of or told.



Live from ”Me” !

It’s been a while since I committed as such to my dear blog. I had a huge homework to do!

A lot has been going on over the past three years or so that I find it difficult to reflect on and put in accurate words as I wish, lest I downplay or minimize the impact of such rich and perhaps tiring experience that I highly appreciate.

I lived through a lot of things, I feel like it was more than three-year phase of my life.

And I wont relate to incidents in terms of ups and downs like most people usually do, engaging more in the evaluation of how they received incidents of their life than connecting to the impacts those experiences engraved in them.

Exactly three years ago I quite my job..and the downturn, actually the upturn started..

I then applied for acquiring a master degree in Islamic Studies, and I joined the Higher Institution for Islamic Studies in Foreign Languages…

And this was one stop in my life credited for a major shift in my life.

I was inspired to launch an online interactive media Project dedicated to the Muslim personality and driven by contemporary Muslim thinkers, academics and media reps- That is The Muslim Tribune ( It’s a platform aimed at developing wise Muslim personalities and raising their awareness to be proud of themselves of being Muslims and capable of integrating into the modern age world and facing the endless challenges creeping in. It’s perhaps a Tribune that propagates the balanced, pure and true doctrine of Islam, the true image that I always had in mind and always alluded to in my writings, even in non-Islamic contexts and media destinations. It took me and the team that worked with me much effort, but I can say that it came out as I wished it to be.

After the initial set up, soft launch, and the first two years of hard work, the Project is, with the help of Allah, paid off well. It is prospering and doing just fine, requiring more intellectual input from our side, yet less consuming time and effort. Which gives us more room for planning for its future.

Meanwhile I was invited by my professors to join a number of reputable institutions, working in media as well- Dar al-Ifta al Misriyah, Iqraa International TV, and most recently al-Azhar institution.

This all has enriched my career experience. Also meeting a variety of personalities, enriched my own personal experience, and opened new horizons before me.

This involved good incidents and bad incidents, both of which added much to my perception of life and the direction I’m heading for. This marked a new station in my life-long journey, which has been moving in the same direction, even it seemingly took different downturns. I talked a lot to myself and engaged in much Munajah. I asked for divine guidance, and it had always aided me.

Life is rich and eventful, do not waste it by being confined in where you are, go out and explore new horizons. Explore what the destiny has for you, and embrace it assuredly and courageously.

Make the best of your chances.

Turn the challenges into opportunities, and only then they’ll become good memories.
Turn your weaknesses into points of strength, and only then you’ll be able to trace your role in life.

Just Be who you wish to become!

This was a very personal piece of reflection, live from “me”!