This Section includes some of the researches related to media and web writing that I once conducted and hope they could benefit a wider range of audience. This section will be continuously updated, and any contribution from the readers is more than welcome…


This is a brief research shedding light on the aggressive development of blogging as well as online communities and listing ways to run successful ones, and delving deep into live experiences of running effective and influential blogs. It also studies reasons and methods that impact blogs, exploring their real potential as an effective media sphere that facilitates reaching out to as many viewers across the globe as possible, let alone the long-desired platform for communicating and expressing all sorts of views weblogs initiated and developed.

View entire research contents HERE …


This is the material I once prepared for a Collaborative/Individual Web Writing Workshop.

It was first presented for Sahara Safaris, with the aims of enhancing and giving more exposure to Sahara Safaris websites, while helping it realize its goals, on top of which is raising awareness, effectively, about the true riches of the Egyptian societies and cultural heritage, with a particular focus on  Sinai Bedouins.

View entire course materiaHERE …

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