Travel Writing

In this section I shall be sharing some reflections inspired by the trips I join. Such reflections shall be part of what I plan to pursue aggressively the coming phase of my life- that is Travel Writing- the type of travel stories that combine personal reflections and imaginary thoughts on the one hand with actual characteristics of places and people the traveler encounters on the other …

This section that also contain all Travel Stories I shall be authoring, those who will make it to specialized publications, or the ones I plan to compile one day in a book- A Travelogue of a Female Explorer. InshaAllah (God Willing).

Fayoum Deserts

Desert Life Vs Modernity

Over the last 18 months of my life, the most intricate life decisions I took effortlessly- let alone effectively- while being amongst nature, whether it be in the desert or on top of the graceful mountains of St Catherine.  This can tell you how empowered one becomes when embraced by nature. Coming to the desert.. Every time I drive through the desert marked indeed a new beginning in my life.

Every time I went off-road I learned something new about myself and about life in general. Probably because the desert sets you free of the city shackles and feeling such freedom when all such massive space is your home for a night or two, can indeed do a lot to your soul, let alone eliminating mental burdens.
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elGalt elAzrag

elGalt elAzrag: Another Encounter with Katrina’s Grace
From one valley to another, one orchard to another, and one Farsh of another, our hiking adventure up to elGalt (a natural pool of refreshingly cold water), walked my group, and Mo, the hike leader, along a number of sceneries and quaint plateaus of mountains of equal grace and strongly felt divinity.

It was a rich hiking experience in every meaning of the word. We lived the lull of the valleys, breathed its tranquil air, and it’s there where we, sometimes, stopped for a brief meditation session. We filled the orchards that witnessed our camps and flare- up at night with warmness they may have lacked being not very regularly visited.
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Hiking through Katrina Valleys

Hiking through the Secret Gardens- St. Katherine Summer 2009
Under the leadership of Mohamed Mabrouk, the founder of Sahara Safaris Organisation, and accompanied by some 18 people, we took off to Saint Catherine one Thursday night in April 2009, arriving there by around 4 am, and spending the night at Sheikh Mousa’ Camp.

We woke up next day as early as 7 in the morning to start our hike, in two separated groups, through Wadi Jbaal and other valleys in the beautiful mountainous region of Saint Catherine.

Katrina was as beautiful and graceful as I had known it during the number of visits I was privileged to have there. A place filled with spiritual vigor that makes departing it not as simple as any leave-taking of any other place you happen to trip to.

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Qataneyya Sand Dunes- Western Desert

Off-roading in the Western Desert

We left Cairo at 11:20 pm and arrived there at around 1 in the morning the following day, without sensing much of the beauty of the place because of darkness, just enjoying the void containing us and the chilly weather contrasting with the warmness of the people, most of whom never met before that day.

The place was so incredibly calm and quiet as if longing for visitors, and the huge line of dunes seemed waiting for us to climb it, watch the stars from above, chat, and relax to really embrace the calm and tranquil spirit filling the place, which we all did not long after we set up our camp.

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Sheikh Farhan

Reflections on Sinai Bedouins
What first comes to your mind when the term “Sinai Bedouins” is mentioned? The desert-dwelling nomads of this area lying in the very northeastern part of Egypt and mistakenly perceived as outcasted from other Egyptian communities?!!

Before my first hiking attempt at Sinai Mountains, which eventually triggered an itching desire to further research about this relatively out of reach region, what I mentioned above was my only understanding of the Bedouins Community in Sinai, yes those desert-dwelling nomads represented by women busy with loads of daily household chores ranging from baking breads, cooking special meals and taking care of the children on one hand, and men digging wells and smoking Hookahs or cigarettes, God only knows filled with what type of ashes, may be Heroine, Hashish, and those sort of drugs Bedouins are widely understood to use and plant as well (isn’t this the understanding spread through the mainstream medias regardless of its authenticity?!).
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2 thoughts on “Travel Writing

  1. Can I just say what a relief to find someone who basically knows what they’re talking about on the internet. You already know how to bring an issue to light and make it constructive. More people need to read this and understand this side of the story. I cant believe youre not more popular because you definitely have the gift.

    1. Many thanks Mllie for your kind words, and apologies for replying to you that late… Bless my humble blog with occasional stop overs…
      Salam :)

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